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Plumbing main line blocked, called as a emergency, took them two days to have plumber call me to schedule a work for the next three days, one week without toilet and shower. Go figure.

After four days same location clogged plumber some Mexican who used a small snake and did not clear the way so stoppage was back, waited another 48 hour to get contacted by plumber to schedule me for the next three days same Mexican guy.

Two weeks no water toilet, more than 8 hours on hold with rude foreigners on he phone, I think they route your call to India so you don’t; even get to talk with the supervisor. Discussing company, considering suing the company for the fees I paid for the last five years.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Plumbing Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Home Shield Cons: Deadbeat repair people who refuse to find a problem, Waiting on hold then being disconnected, Bad customer care.

Location: San Diego, California

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Roto Rooter will unclog your main line with same day emergency service for less than $200, and guarantee it won’t clog for 90 days. You people are so stupid to depend on a home warranty to solve home ownership and rental property maintenance!

How can they possibly do what they say they will?! Save your money. Call the local people and shop around. You had DAYS of waiting, in which you could have found another way.

You can’t make AHS or any home warranty change the way they operate—just not gonna happen. Why should they? They use contracted slave labor whose entire business revolves around this scam. The contractors are being misled, too, about the potential from doing their dirty work.

It’s all a scam. If AHS is forced to “cover” a repair, the contractor only gets paid the customer’s service fee, and has to provide all the parts and materials for free OR they can find a way to bilk the customer for non-covered charges. Extra long Delays are so common, that their customers should all expect to need other arrangements for their families while they wait. The contractors are so few and so covered up with new AHS service calls and other AHS customers who have been demanding someone come back and finish their repair, that the contractors are buried alive.

Nobody wants to wait—everyone is Urgent. Everyone makes up newborn babies and elderly suffering to try to jump ahead. MONEY will get results. DOLLARS.

Real American DOLLARS. That’s all it takes.

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