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We have had American Home Shield for 14 yrs paying a lot of money for a yearly coverage. When we have called for simple items to be repaired they send a company of their choice and we pay the $60.00 for them to come out, then they do a simple thing that would NOT be expensive and that is the end of it.

Now we have a large item that is covered in our policy and they want us to pay basically for the whole thing. I have come to the conclusion that as long as you don't really want anything that is expensive then you will get it but if you need something expensive, that is supposed to be covered, well just get out your check book because they find a way to make you pay for the repair.

I don't know if this is the policy of all home warranties or this is just a CRAPPY ONE. I do know that I would NEVER recommend this COMPANY!!

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Absolutely!! We have had the exact same experience with them.

First calll, they sent the most idiotic person imaginable. Recommended we remove te drop ceiling tiles and let the ductwork drip dry onto the carpet. No repair. No work.

Nothing. Took our $60 and left. ***! Now themotor for the septic system stopped working.

Contractor was actually very helpful and knowledgable. AHS on te other hand is not. Now that something is going to cost them some money to repair/replace, they claim it's not covered. I talked to THREE different customer service reps when placing the service request.

I specifically explained to them what the problem was. Not one time did anyone say it wasn't covered. The contractor calls them to get approval and magically it's not covered?! I called a supervisor with the "authorization center" and she tells me, "We can't cover anything that's not covered due to a misunderstanding." So to be clear, AHS refuses to cover something even though THEY TOLD ME it was covered and went ahead and sent out a contractor.

Uhh....that's not my problem. I told hem I woul be more than happy to add to the 3,200+ complaints that have already been logged with the BBB and tell every realtor in my area to stop doing business with them.

It's a small town and I know a lot of realtors and others personally. Idiots!

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