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I've had an account with them for a few years. I'm so fricken tired of trying to get ONE STINKING bathroom tap fixed

First call - the guy assigned by AHS evaluates and says the tap needs a part.

He has to order it.

Follow up visit he says, nope! the whole tap set is faulty ( it was new, but outside of return window so I have to eat the cost). You have to get a whole new set, he says.

Also AHS wants to now charge me another 75 for the service call to complete this!

So now I'm looking at the cost of a new faucet/ tap set plus another 75.

I'm a recent widow, now poor, on a fixed budget, so I've had to save and save for close to a year to do this

Finally got a nice tap set on sale, and rescheduled with AHS.

New guy comes out today - different contractor - and says "you don't need a new tap set, just a part replaced". Which is exactly what the first guy said on his first visit So here we go again, this second guy has to come back another day with the new part.

But look at all the unnecessary expense I've incurred!

I can't return this new faucet tap set either. And stupid worry and time wasted.

I just want to cry I'm so frustrated.

To add insult to injury, this guy today tried to upsell me on a water pressure regulator as he was leaving..."oh let me check your water pressure" when he looked over and saw my outdoor faucet. Then highly recommended the regulator. Sure buddy.

I've been trying to get a rep from AHS ever since he left to discuss this.


They have a good customer service scam going where you call for a rep, and their automated system offers to call you back since wait time is long.

But you NEVER hear the phone ring, it just shows as a missed call. I tried 3times today, volume on high with vibrate, holding the phone in my hand for the return call. But you never get an actual call, just a notification for a missed call

I want to be fair but repeated experience = feels like I'm being ripped off, scammy, incompetent contractors. All the way around, for me, not just a waste of money with the monthly premium, but it's cost me a lot over and above that .

EDIT: I just received a call from AHS rep.

They will NOT replace the filter in my faucet... which was the plumbers firm diagnosis. He specifically said I did not need to replace the entire faucet/tap set, just a filter was needed. He would get it and return another day to replace.


The AHS rep, not the plumbing contract company, called to tell me the reason they will not replace the filter was due to "high water pressure".

People, please be wary of the high water pressure scam, to not only steal your hard earned money in (for me, several) wasted service calls, but then to upsell you to something totally unnecessary. Do some research, it's a scam.

User's recommendation: Oh my gosh please do not fall into this trap.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Location: Cathedral City, California

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