Only if I can give ZERO start!!!

Stay away from these guys! I had to use A-Aall through American Home Shield(AHS) and was not given option to change the contractor when i asked.

it's been over 2.5months and my Dishwasher is still not fixed!

Technician showed up after almost 2 weeks of my service request and technician went away in 10 min after resetting my dishwasher... didn't even test it and he told me it's working well. Tried using the same night and, guess what! It did not work.

the next day when i called the technician tells me "of course it wont work, we need to order new parts and will take minimum 2 weeks. If you need to expedite you can pay expedite charges to get part delivered". One the technician did not even say a single word expect, it's working now, if it doesn't work here's the number for yo uto call and left. Also, these extra fees are excluding my home warranty and would've straight goto them.

Anyway, two weeks been passed about 3.5weeks ago and the part is still not here! I even complained to AHS and they do nothing, infect they lie on your face, saying i will be expediting this to our team and you wil lget an email within 48hrs with other options but you never do. you keep calling them and they will get you no where other then getting you frustrated. Every agent told me same thing but it never gets anywhere!

I can go on and on to provide constructive review but these guys are not worth the time.

The only thing I can say is to stay away from both AHS and A-Aall Services.

i feel these guys are a fraud. if they can get the parts and fix my dishwasher in matter of days if I pay extra and if you dont they just keep you waiting....

and i'm still waiting. I complained to AHS about these guys but they don't seem to care about it.

Location: San Diego, California

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