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There is not a company in my area that is qualified to service my Dacor because the range top is gas. I only found this out after going online, submitting a service request and waiting for the assigned service company to call me to schedule service. Surprise, they didn't call me! So I called them. I was curtly told they don't work on gas appliances and that my service request would be 'rejected back'.

I called one of the various numbers posted by AHS and found they all lead to the same very annoying line with three options. One for Service and a 20 to 40 minute hold, Two for Sales and a 2 minute hold and Three for Billing with several options to take care of your account by phone except of course cancelling which is NOWHERE to be found. BTW The music is exceptionally tedious while on hold. I spoke last night (after a VERY long hold) to a woman in the Philippines. She had roosters crowing in the background. Her English was passable but I got the sense she was avoiding 'totally' comprehending what needed to be done to uphold AHS's end of our contract (you know competent parties, compensation for service, etc.) The legally binding kind of contracts that are entered into all the time in good faith! Needless to say nothing the woman said she had done was done and so it was a complete waste of time. She actually put my service back in queue and I'm back with waiting for the same service company to call me to schedule service...

Forward to today. I spent lots of time looking everywhere at the AHS website to find another route to solve my issue. I called Sales because I know they don't put these calls on a 40 minute hold. (Although they do still use the *** music LOL) The guy spoke great English that answered the phone and from conversation I concluded that he's in the USA. Great news, He'll be able to help me! NOPE, he just knows about sales. We got disconnected somehow ?? but he did call and give ma phone number to Billing. It is 800-858-****. I'm not sure how well it works as I've not called yet.

I next wrote the privacy and security departments via email because these are the only emails (except Media) anywhere on the AHS site... but if they want to be honest they should post all reviews, not just the 5 Star reviews ('just saying')! I did get an automated reply saying that these emails only monitor for the intended purpose.

I've been on hold 2 more times playing phone tag... another scroungy method of avoiding upholding their end of the contract.

I'm signing off now. My issues still unresolved and lots of time wasted on this frustrating company

User's recommendation: Keep your money!

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Cancel AHS as they appear to be worthless to you. Contact Dacor and explain the situation of no serviceman in your area and ask them where you can get service in your area---if they know.

You might also try calling around to appliance repair places in your area to see if they know of anyone servicing these units.

Gotta do your own research. Relying on AHS is problematical in normal cases given the contractors they seemingly pick out of nowhere but for a high-end appliance will be impossible, methinks.

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