When there is a company who can do the job in a timely fashion authorize it. When a part is sitting in a warehouse a few blocks away go get it.

Two days to get a service call. Then, Don!t take two more days to get authorization to ship the same part that is sitting blocks away while disregarding the homeowner & leaving in brutal heat!! Put a new condenser if you must. Get a local company, not someone who is pissed to show up at 8:00 at night.

I’m the one without air, not the contractor! I still have no idea when ac is coming. It’s been five days & no part is here, no word from AHS. The only people you will be able to reach are people in the Phillipines who can’t solve a thing.

I’m ready to leave town. AHS May save themselves a nickel while screwing over their customers. Worst company ever seen & they break their own contract by denying the ability to have an outside contractor work when they can’t do their job in a timely fashion. Heat here is dangerous!

AHS does not care!

This is turned into the Better Business Bureau for not allowing it to be looked at by someone who Was qualified and available when ahs could not.

That was in the contract when ahs could not provide timely service. Brought some company from Henryetta OK not in our area.

Product or Service Mentioned: Goodman Manufacturing Air Conditioner Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

American Home Shield Cons: Website has not worked, Communication is horrible, Highly question the competency of contractors they hire, Could not perform work refused outside contractor.

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Low budget help: isn’t that what you signed up for? Did you check into the reviews before you spent 5 days on the heat?

Or better yet, did you research AHS before you bought the home warranty? It’s not too late to call in a separate company and scrap the whole thing. Or at least go down to the home improvement store or wal mart and buy some window units—they are highly effective at room cooling. There is service like you describe, but it is called RETAIL.

Retail means you buy, you pay, you decide. There are other options, you just don’t see them because you are trying to utilize a worthless product called a home warranty.


What is a good home warranty company?? Or is there one?

I listened to a neighbor who was satisfied. AHS does too good a job of culling out their bad reviews. This was hottest days of year. Problem is AHS couldn’t do job, then broke contract by not allowing outside contractor to submit work order to them.

Then the contractor they end up finding is working for AHS & not my best interest. They have to report to AHS & order part through AHS. Reviews for AHS are ok.

Figured out after fact they have smart internet confidence scheme on reviews. Live & learn.


There is not a decent home warranty out there. Each claim is a *** with every home warranty company, because sometimes the failure is only minor and sometimes it might turn out ok.

It’s a gamble. However, on the big stuff, the seasoned techs will have to Squirm out of covering the claim—because what people fail to realize is that it is the SERVICE COMPANY who is contracted to do the trade that is paying for the claim, NOT the home warranty. The home warranty company has the service provider by the gonads, and if the service provider can’t get the claim denied, then the Service provider has to fix it for free, in order to keep the ticket total average down where AHS says it has to be. If the ticket average goes up, the service provider is replaced by AHS and they get no more calls.

So sometimes a home warranty claim is just easier to repair than to fight, but the homeowner could probably have come out the same or close just paying for the service on their own.

But on the big repairs, there is always going to be a fight, and those are the situations that the policyholder is going to fight back. Does this help shed some light on how it works?


American Homeshield denied this claim saying the condenser unit had been hit by a car! This is impossible.

It is behind a swimming pool and there is no gate on that side by a well constructed 6 foot privacy fence. The same thing was happening all over Tulsa during the heat wave. I tried to cancel my home warranty because I bought a heating & cooling unit in order to get ac. It was humid and dangerously hot.

AHS was told to look at aerial photos & provided. They never responded other than to charge an additional cancellation fee. Many people in my area were going through the same thing. How this company has avoid a class action lawsuit is the head scratcher.

They take money, break their contract to suit them, then send you more stuff to sign up.

Any real estate agent signing someone up with one of their contracts should be regarded as unprofessional. To buy an AHS warranty again would be proof you have the IQ of a Shoe!

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