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Ok, I am on a roll with this. In the past, I felt the BBB was the place to go to check out the creditability of a company.

After seeing they have given AHS an A+, I have to assume the BBB is useless. On the BBB website, the have received over 3100 complaints in 36 months and still rates AHS with an A+.

So, you must be required to pay a fee to join the BBB and if so, AHS is probably paying a hefty rate to keep their A+ rating. If you read this, please complain to the BBB about their rating scale and how useless they are to consumers.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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I rent my home to a military family... In July which is one of the hottest times of the year here in Columbia, SC.

My tenants called me stating the air condition unit was out. I called American Home Shield (AHS). They said it would take a few days to come out. That wouldn't work it's over 100 degrees and I have a infant and a lady that is pregnant in the home.

The said that's all they could do. So I called Spring Valley and they came out the same day and replaced the motor for $488 plus service call. A few days later the tenants called and told me the AC was making noise... I stated I'll call the AHS company and see what they can do.

This time they sent out a technician who replaced the fan blade and left. Everything was working when he left. That next thing I know I get a call again saying the AC was making noise and the top of the AC unit has *** in it. I called the AHS again, and they send the technician back out, same person.

He took the motor and the blade out and said he will have to order the parts and that it would take a month before he can fix it. This was unacceptable and I again called AHS. They said they would talk to the technician, it was a week before any from there contacted us. The came me the number to the technician's office.

I called there and they knew nothing as far as information, they said they will have the technician call me. I called AHS again and told them I have to get AC in that house, so I called another company to go out. The new Technician said the motor was gone and the top was missing. That was when I realized that the AHS technician had taking the motor, fan blade and top with him.

I was never told he was doing that. I had to pay the new technician $512 for a motor blade and top. Now I have contacted AHS again, explained to them what has taken place. I was told to send in the documents for review and they would give me a refund.

During this entire time with each and every call, their customer service department was very rude and nasty. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, they would say they didn't have a supervisor, or the supervisor wasn't at work that day. Always another excuse after another. Finally a very nice lady told us that the technician hadn't reported to them as per the policy.

He was suppose to have 24 hrs. to inform them and up to that day he hadn't reported. She told me to fax in the documents and she would take care of the reimbursement. Today is Oct 5th, 2015.

Just got off the phone with another poor customer service individual and she stated she wasn't going to pay for the motor or the top, only the fan. When asked why not, she stated because she said so. She stated she will call the technician and have him bring the motor fan and top back. Lets see, he took it in July, this is Oct.

Why is it taking this long for them to get my motor back when I told him to bring it back in July, and in Aug. Now they're not going to pay me for getting something fix that I pay them to fix. This place is a rip off and so it the technician they sent out.

Stay away for this people. STAY AWAY FROM AMERICAN HOME SHIELD!!!


AHS is bogus. I too went through AHS after thinking I had done my research as an educated consumer.

My slight skepticism in the BBB is now ruined. I have NO faith in their accreditations.

AHS - Won't get the A/C fixed and it's been about a month. Every week they have been out more then once. Every weekend it goes out, or the middle of the week.

We have 7 people in my household and we can't just pack up and sleepover at grandma's house. STAY AWAY FROM AHS!!


I have to agree with HER, in that BBB is just an advertising tool. It's a *** good one at that, but it takes nothing to get a pyramid scheme startup BBB accredited with an A+ rating.

What's the best way to scam people out of a lot of money using the BBB?

Well, start a company having you as the only employee. Then get BBB "Accredited," in that what you are telling them is correct ($600 is the BBB's fee in Minnesota for a company run by one person, and if you don't have any financials yet, they can't be wrong!). Third, use the BBB's logo as a selling point saying that you are BBB Accredited with an A+ rating and start up, say, a Forex scheme where you get people's money and trade it. BBB doesn't look at any of this stuff until after your first year, because it would be too expensive for them to have running tallies on you, and for the fact that a lot of things can happen in one year.

Finally, take all of the hundreds of thousands (or possibly millions) that you somehow got people to give to you, sell off all of your assets, and move to somewhere on an island where you don't have to worry about the U.S. government coming after you.

What a great $600 investment!


ABC News did an investigative report on the BBB. They found that the BBB is only running a "pay for play" scheme.

You can read all about it at ABC's findings was that they're out to increase BBB membership and revenue, thereby greatly diminishing the BBB's credibility and honesty. The bottom line is that if businesses pay for membership in the BBB, then the BBB will automatically give those businesses an 'A' Rating.


From my experience, the BBB is just another advertising venue. They have contacted me several times to try to get me to pay for a listing. Think about it, who is going to pay for a listing with a bad rating.


To get non-biased help in resolving your customer problems and complaints with AHS. I advise that you utilize the FREE big company social networking complaints resolution services of OR call the Publik Demand Hotline at 1-888-724-8981 OR email PD at


If you are disgusted with AHS's business tactics, customer relations AND DENIAL OF TRUE, VALID CLAIMS (ie: Breach of Contract)....

Here's some info:

If you're seeking CEO David Crawford's voicemail - here's how.

Dial 1-866-305-0259 as stated above. When the phone system says "Thank you for calling American Home Shield.... please enter your Representative's Extension" -


Enter Ext. # 1000

The Greeting will then say: "Welcome to Avia Messaging, please enter the mailbox # of the person you are calling.... IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE MAILBOX NUMBER, PRESS STAR (*) TO SPELL THE NAME"....

After that sentence, IMMEDIATELY PRESS STAR (*) - then spell David Crawford's LAST NAME:

just input, "CRAW".... you will then be taken to: DAVE CRAWFORD'S VOICEMAIL....

Kindly leave your message.

If you want to call bluff - redial the 1-866 number above, go to Ext. 1000 and then input Judy's Extension "2100" (Judy Peedic - The Executive Assistant to David Crawford) - it will take you to her voicemail (or she will pick up) - so the Avia Messaging System is that of AHS...

Also, another Executive Assistant to David Crawford is a person by the name of "Matthew Boyd" his extension is 2103 at the same 1-866 number listed above (again, his extension also works in the Avia Messaging System @ AHS).

I hope American Home Shield makes right on alot of the breach of contract issues... :)



The info in the above paragraph is not valid, as David Crawford is no longer the CEO of AHS. Best bet is to contact AHS parent company at

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