We have been trying to work with AHS since on or about September 11, 2020 5 months ago and still nothing has been repaired. We have only two issues.

The first relates to repairing a broken Viking microwave and the other is repairing a broken Viking refrigerator. AHS has sent four different repair companies to evaluate the problems of both of these appliances. Two got here and indicated they did not service Viking units and knew nothing about them. They were not certified Viking repair techs.

The third got here and after reviewing was to get back to us on getting the parts for the microwave repair. In between the third repairman and now my assistant and I have made a number of calls to your offices to get the repair moving forward. We have spent hours on hold , had your representatives (when calls were finally answered) who we could not understand, representatives who took all of our information, put us on hold to talk to a supervisor and hung up on us with no call back, and supervisors who promised to get back to us and never has. Both of us have experienced these issues.

On or about the 9th of February I changed tactics as I called as a person wanting a new quote and actually talked to an English speaking representative.

I explained my issues and he forwarded me to a service supervisor. Her name was Magfa (spelling??) and she indicated her employee number was #114****. She indicated that she was the one who originally set up the claims and was appalled that it was not yet completed. She indicated that she would immediately work on the microwave issue and get someone out to service the refrigerator.

Apparently there were supposedly parts ordered months before for the microwave and there was no follow up with the status. She was going to see if I could get the local Viking Company over to repair it as they could get the parts. She also was going to call out another repair company to look at the refrigerator issues. The next day I talked to the fourth repair company your representative contacted.

The company is Choice 1 Appliance. They sent a service tech out (they provided me with an 8 hour window as to when he might show up). He showed up wearing a mask and no gloves. I asked him to remove his shoes prior to entry (as I do with all visitors) and that upset him.

Then he came into the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator door not wearing gloves. I asked him to please put on some gloves as I had just lost a loved one to the Covid virus. He said he had gloves in his vehicle but did not feel he had to wear them. I brought him some gloves which he never put on.

He reached into the refrigerator with his bare hand and into the freezer with his bare hand touching a variety of items to feel the temperature. He said he knew what the problem was and did not need to do anything further. He was aware of the parts needed and would go out and write it up. He returned with a repair summary that said Customer wont let me check out.

on any back-unit needs to be pulled out. This was 2/10/2021. This was absolutely a lie. My assistant was here and heard the entire conversation.

The service rep was more than welcome to work on the refrigerator but we wanted good Covid protocol with him wearing a mask and gloves. We have heard nothing from your AHS supervisor who promised to get back to me on or before 2/12/2021 with the status of the repairs requested. NOTHING to date!!!!!!!! So in summary:

We have a microwave that does not work.

It has not worked for more than 5 months. The local certified Viking repair company, Highland Appliance, can get the parts and the microwave repaired in very short order. I want AHS too hire Highland to repair the Microwave immediately.

We have a refrigerator that does not work properly. It has not worked properly for more than 5 months.

The ice maker does not work at all and the refrigerator is running on high just to keep an acceptable temperature (the lowest acceptable). I am concerned it will totally fail if not fixed immediately. The local certified Viking repair company, Highland Appliance, can get the parts quickly and repair the refrigerator. I want AHS too hire Highland to repair the refrigerator immediately.

I had Highland Appliance come out and they found that the coolant was almost gone and added coolant something none of your repair people even looked at.

This cost me $169 which I want reimbursed.

It has been 5 months that I have had to deal with this incompetence. I have been an excellent customer of AHS for years and expect nothing more than what the contract requires - Fix or replace my broken appliances.

I will not allow the fourth repair man back into my home.

He was rude and did not follow any acceptable Covid protocols. As for the other three they will not be welcomed as they either were not certified Viking repair techs or do not follow through with their promise to get the parts and repair the units.


Mark Krasne

User's recommendation: Be Very Careful Not good repair people.

Location: Palm Desert, California

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