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Update by user Feb 04

Now I am filing a complaint with the Florida attorney generals office claiming they are a SCAM !!! After that I guess there is no recourse other than small claims court. Looks like that IS where this is headed.

Original review posted by user Jan 04

By FAR the absolute WORST company I have EVER dealt with. ALWAYS have an hour or MORE wait on hold to speak to ANYONE.

I purchased a AHS warranty on the advise of my real estate agent when I purchased my home in Florida. THAT was my first mistake !! I was in the home about 2 months when I realized my heat pump was not blowing cool air causing the unit to run 24/7 resulting in a massive power bill. AHS sent Total Air Care ( another loser of a company) to fix it.

$75 thank you very much. I the left in my RV for a 6 month trip around the U.S. Returned in Sept. and my unit was not blowing cool air AGAIN !!!

$350 power bill that should have been no more than $125.! Total Air care ( AGAIN !! ) they fixed it again, for about 10 days and it again went on the fritz !! ANOTHER $350 power bill.

Total Air came back AGAIN !! Fixed it again !! for another 2 weeks. Then in November we had a cold weekend.

GUESS WHAT, NO HEAT !! Spent the entire weekend with the temp in my home around 50*. Can't get a hold of Total Air they or AHS do not answer the phone on weekends. I am telling AHS it is time to replace this unit.

NO CHANCE they point the finger at Total Air, Total Air points the finger at AHS.

NOW I have to go to small claims court to get some satisfaction. Do yourselves a BIG favor, when someone suggests a AHS warranty, RUN AWAY

Review about: Total Air Care Heat Pump Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Initially good but has gotten flaky.

I didn't like: Too long of wait on the phone, Would not recommend them, Wait time to talk to rep, Customer service or promptness, Lethargic customer service.

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It sounds like AHS and Total Air Care acted in accordance with the policy: they diagnosed the system failure, made a repair, and you were satisfied enough to leave town for 6 months. The free recall period had long since passed, therefore, a new claim would need to be started, which it sounds like you did.

AHS and Total Air Care responded again, And made another adjustment to your AC system. The heat problem could be completely unrelated to the AC problem, but your knee jerk reaction is that the entire system needs replacing. Would that be your reaction if you DIDN’T have a home warranty? Probably not.

Usually customers without a home warranty want to consider their options, and have repair scenarios to consider. However, WITH a home warranty, customers believe replacement is the only option. You don’t get the choice of options, when using a home warranty company. It is up to the contractor to turn in a recommendation to AHS, not the homeowner.

The actual customer is AHS, not the homeowner. The homeowner is beside the point. The contractor’s recommendation only takes one thing into consideration: his cost. AHS and all warranty companies require their contractors to keep their average ticket total around $200-$230, regardless of the system failures they encounter or the total number of claims they get.

The only thing that matters is the cost, to the contractor. If the contractor has to spend more on a particular house (which they do, all the time) the money comes out of HIS pocket, NOT AHS’s. Therefore, the contractor has the insane business model of NOT fixing things to satisfy the homeowner. It is completely backwards from the free market, where businesses charge enough to cover the costs plus enough extra for taxes, insurance, and any PROFIT.

In the free market, contractors bend over backwards to ensure satisfaction, and their reputation is as important as their bottom line. Home warranty work tosses everything rational out the window.

The only thing that matters is call volume and average cost per call. Your satisfaction and the contractor’s reputation are both sacrificed upon the altar at AHS and any other home warranty company out there.


I think Pam Bondi should do something for the people that voted her into office. I am dealing with AHS right now


Yeah, that's TOTALLY USELESS !!! Filling a complaint with the Florida attorney generals office claiming they are a SCAM !!!!! If my laundry washer and dryer broke down for the first time ever, then those repair people would fix those for me immediately!!!!!


They are TOTALLY USELESS !!! Filing a complaint with the Florida attorney generals office claiming they are a SCAM !!!!!

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