Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

I have been an American Home Shield Customer for almost 2 years, but I am cancelling my contract with them. They do not have enough agents working their toll free phone number, so you end up on hold for very long periods of time (sometimes between 45 and 60 minutes), and their contractors are as hard to reach and very slow to schedule your service repairs.

We have had to wait 4-5 days on at least 2 occasions to have our A/C fixed. We live in Jacksonville, FL, and during the summer months, that is a long time to be without AC! The latest issue, which caused me to terminate AHS and to write this review, involved our water heater. In mid-July, we called and reported that our gas water heater was not working.

AHS assigned the repair to their plumbing contractor. The plumber they sent out initially misdiagnosed the problem, and he took the valve/thermostat apart, but that did not fix the issue. He left to order a new thermostat, but came back in a few days and checked the exhaust vent, which was blocked by a wasp nest, and once it was cleared, the water heater began heating the water. However, we began to smell propane gas in the garage, where the water heater is located, and called AHS again.

They had the same plumber come out and he found several connections that he had not tightened where gas was leaking. Within a week, we were smelling gas again, called AHS again, and they assigned it again to their plumbing contractor. They sent a different plumber this time, but he could not find a leak, and only re-tightened the connections in the hope it would stop the leak. Again, within a week or two, we started smelling gas, called AHS and this time the master plumber told us we would have to contact our gas company to find the leak, and if they found a leak, they would possibly "red tag" the heater, which would mean it would have to be replaced.

I told him that the gas company would charge me $143 dollars to come out, and he said I would have to discuss reimbursement with AHS. The gas company found a leak where the gas supply line from the valve goes into the burner, and the gas company technician indicated the leak was probably caused by the plumber when he originally removed the valve. I had not had a gas leak before the plumber initially came out to "repair" the water heater. When I called AHS, they assigned it to their Customer "Relations" Department (what a misnomer), and a Bill Pruett from that department called me.

Mr. Pruett informed me that AHS would not reimburse me for the gas company's service charge and that I would have to pursue it from their plumber, as that is what the contract provided. When I protested and stated that I did not have a contract with the plumber, and that AHS chose and required me to use that plumber, Mr. Pruett reiterated that their Agreement clearly states they are not responsible for secondary damage caused by their contractor.

Mr. Pruett was unfriendly, lacked any form of customer service, and AHS should not have a Customer Relations Department that is so unhelpful.

Our water heater ended up being replaced this week (2 months after the initial service request), but I had to pay a $75.00 service fee to AHS, the $143 to the gas company and another $425 for "repiping" to the plumber. I highly recommend that you do NOT use AHS for your home warranty needs.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Water Heater Warranty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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