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I wanted my vendor changed because the same one damaged a family members home (on assignment from AHS) and the company hasn't cooperated in repairing and AHS will not assist.

I was first told they could not change the vendor and would transfer me to the escalations dept, which I was then disconnected after a bit of a hold. I called the next day and was told they are unable to transfer to such a dept nor could they transfer me to their authorizations dept.

as I wanted to discuss the service prior to them ordering parts for a possible replacement. Also a supervisor/mgr was not available - of course.

And the customer service rep was terrible as she sounded like a robot reading from a script.

So I guess I'm stuck with a vendor I don't want and unable to speak to anyone at the company about it. And what terrible customer service contact that there's not even an email or physical address on the AHS site!

I will be cancelling this service when this repair is complete.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Dishwasher Warranty.

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

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AHS dispatches the vendor with the lowest average cost per claim, regardless of customer’s choice. They only have one or two select “preferred” (by AHS, not the customers!) vendors in each area of 100 miles radius.

They aren’t into offering their customers a choice of vendors or other options. AHS is into the lowest average cost per claim. They cap the contractors at $200 for HVAC claims, including all the parts, labor, and even includes the customer’s service fee! So that means the contractor has no money to spend on your claim—there is no profit made by the contractor off of charging AHS.

The only profit comes via charging the customer for out-of-pocket, non-covered items, that are outside the warranty. It gets very sketchy, when coming up with a basis for the partial claim denials. The costs to the customer’s are always inflated, because the costs to the home warranty is deflated, minimized and capped at $200 per claim, regardless of reality. These unrealistic cost expectations placed by AHS upon the contractors results in horrible service and unappealing contractors.

Ahs won’t employ more contractors because then they would not be able to control the claim costs or hold the contractors hostage as they do.

They have their preferred contractors in fear of being fired each month due to claim costs. The Ahs computer is going to dispatch the call volume to the contractor with the lowest cost per claim, regardless how the contractor feels about it.

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