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My pool pump was making crazy noises last December’s. Someone came out, said noise is covered. Tried to sell me a new pump. Recalled when noise got worse, same company, same technician, nothing done. 3 months later, the pump does completely. Set up a new service call, they assign it to the same pool company. I call and explain they did nothing so I want another company. I’m assured that’s not a problem

And get a email that a different company has the call. Never heard from them, so I call again. The call taker keeps explaining what transpired. I know what transpired, oh wait, except I didn’t know after I hung up they cancelled my service call because I didn’t have a valid reason to request another company!

You think maybe someone could have called and let me know!!!!

Time to look for a new company it appears.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sounds and smells are not covered, only mechanical failures caused by normal wear and tear. As long as the pump was pumping, even if it’s going to die soon, it has t failed yet.

Same with the HVAC. Many people make service requests stating they smell something or hear something, but smells and sounds are not covered. You have to wait until the failure happens, and then they only fix the failure, not the machine.

If they find an excuse for non-coverage, the claim will be denied. They don’t let you choose your service provider because AHS sends all the calls to the contractor in each region that is handling claims without charging AHS more than the service fee.

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