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Absolutely agree.

I've had AHS about 10 years now as piece of mind for a rental. I have tried to use them three times 2 plumbing, 1 HVAC), all were hassles, and when each issue was said and done, I was stuck paying most of the bill. The last issue takes the cake. I had a 12 year old AC compressor fail on my tenants. I was informed the service tech discovered animal urine to be the cause. (The unit is 12 years old, and judging from the pictures, it's long over due for a change regardless.) Long story short, I'm not buying it, the tenant is adament that is not the cause, and I am not able to get a second opinion, even if I pay for it out of pocket. I am stuck with the unscrupulous service company they send.

Would not use these crooks. Beware.

Just thought I'd mention, I've had the unit serviced annually for the past decade, and the service reports noted nothing irregular about the system.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Preferred solution: Perform warranty replacement.

Location: 860 Ridge Lake Blvd, Memphis, TN 38120

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Animal urine (usually from a male dog) will destroy the copper coils on AC unit. Males that mark their territory by *** on the unit tend to use the same spot repeatedly, and the damage is unmistakeable.

Urine eats through the copper, causing holes for the refrigerant to leak out, which ultimately leads to compressor failure. The damage is photographed and there is no disputing damaged equipment. The current tenants may not even have a dog—doesn’t matter, damage is damage, and is an easy claim denial. Claim denials are important to the HVAC company AHs uses, because of several reasons.

One, he won’t have to start working on the dead unit, which as you know, needs to be replaced. There is no way to repair corrosion. If he starts working on it, it will be a never-ending nightmare of complaints. Secondly, AHS only allows the HVAC contractor to spend a maximum of about $200 average per claim.

Your repair is major, and will only run his costs up way over average, so he would have to absorb the costs himself, in order to protect his employment with AHS.

Thirdly, he has the first opportunity to provide a replacement bid, in case you want to buy a new unit. However, you are probably so angry with him for not doing the work for free and buying you a new system, that you won’t choose to accept a bid from him, even though he is licensed, insured, and will gladly do the work cheaper than anyone else.

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