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I’ve been a customer for several years. Called them for my microwave/ oven combo unit.

The lining inside the microwave is gone. The cynicism came and told us it was beyond repair. He also wrote in his report that it was a health hazard. company contacted me several days later and told me my claim was not valid because it was a cosmetic issue.

Cosmetic? lining inside microwave? It was their way of slithering out of replacing the unit. Terrible company.

On another occasion they wanted me to pay $115 per pound of R22 refrigerant if they repair my unit. What kind of warranty or insurance is this.

I am looking for another option. Don’t buy this product!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Seriously, AHS customers slay me. When you get ready for a new appliance, purchase one!!

Why do you give your hard earned money to these scammers while you live as if you are in a third world country or welfare-dependent?!? I’ve met many of you, and seen all kinds of people. Some are living the good life, with nice things other than that which is covered by home warranty. Some are living as if they are in a third world country and literally don’t have a pot to urinate in.

However, the majority of their customers are middle of the road, average consumers, who should know better than to waste their time and money on any scheme that promises to better their situation for a small investment. In some cases, lack of intelligence or naiveté is clearly a factor. Others have struck me as the type who enjoy participating in a good fight just to prove a point or to feel superior. Some are just basic penny pinchers like yard sale price negotiators and extreme couponers who would stick their hand in boiling lava is there was a dollar in there for them.

Everyone is playing the same worn out game and uses the same tired lines about “my health conditions, my out of town guests, my children, my pregnant wife, my elderly mother, etc”. If anyone reads this and recognizes themself in this, please take inventory and see if it is really worth it to play with venomous snakes such as can be found in a home warranty.

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