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This is the biggest waste of money ever. Do not waste your time, money or energy with these people. We had both our ejector pumps break down within a month of each other and they did not cover them for the stupidest reasons ever. The sump pump malfunctioned first causing $12,000 of damage in our basement. It took forever to get someone out from their contractors. They did not answer their phone and didn't give us a time when they would show up. We hired a plumber and a mitigation company to begin mitigation to prevent mold. They removed the pump and left it out for the AHS contract to inspect while they began work on our basement to get the water out and prevent the mold. When the contractor finally came out, they gave us a quote, charged us $75 and left. AN ENTIRE MONTH later they contacted AHS telling them that they were unable to diagnose the problem bc the pump had been removed. Are you ****ing kidding me? The basement was flooded!

Fast forward a month later and our sewage ejector pump fails (thankfully no spillage). We call these guys again. They send another shady as **** company out to inspect the pump. Again, they are in absolutely no hurry and make us wait an entire day without being able to use the bathroom or any water in the house. They find tampons and wet wipes in the pump and tell the company that 'foreign objects' caused the motor to fail. Needless to say it was not covered AGAIN. Foreign objects?!?!?

They are the typical insurance company that charges you a ton, promises a lot and then never delivers. I'm sure they hire less than reputable companies (that don't have websites and don't have their numbers listed publicly) so that they can pay them off and not cover anything. These contractor guys know the AHS contract front to back and are just looking for any way to ensure that your property is not covered. The money we spent on them could have been put to much better use. Complete waste of money.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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