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Our furnace broke down on November 29th. A repairman arrived within 1 day. We were told the furnace required a part that was not locally available. We were told that the part was in North Carolina and it would take 5 business days to receive it. Transport by ground was the method of shipping used.

Today is December 5th. We still have no furnace and have not been contacted regarding any firm future repair date. After further research I found that the part we needed for our furnace could have been procured locally and our furnace fixed in 1 day but because of AHS policies we have been 5 days without heat and dependent on space heaters.

If you are purchasing an AHS warranty do your research. Parts will only be procured from providers contracted with AHS. If the parts contractor provides overnight service, not all of them do, you are responsible to pay for the cost of shipping. There is no absolutely guarantee that your service will be timely service.

Again, AHS appears to be a middle man who contracts with service providers and parts suppliers to deliver service. Theirs no guarantee of the timely provision of service. AHS will not purchase a part locally to complete a job. They will only procure parts from their contracted sources. In our case, no furnace in Utah in December is not considered an emergency or priority for AHS. The parts for our furnace were ground transported from an AHS contracted provider in North Carolina with an expected delivery date of 5 business days. Consequently, this is our 5th day that we will be trying to heat our home with space heaters. We have no date for the completion of the repairs.

My best advice...DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Product or Service Mentioned: Furnace Repair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I can attest to the fact that the absolute cheapest means possible will be used to fix anything. If the furnace part could have been avoided altogether by the contractor, that would have been the case.

More disturbingly, In many cases, the part is actually available or even in hand, but they can’t get a tech back out to install it for several more days—so they have to tell you something to avoid a confrontation. If they told you the part was sitting there on the desk, you would come unglued. So they tell everyone that it hasn’t arrived yet. Demanding the tracking number will get you nowhere.

Try it and see if you can get the tracking number of the package. Home warranties are discounted service plans, not top notch service plans. You really must choose between speed and money to decide which is the most important. The best advice if you are in this situation at this point is to ask for a cashout option from the options department and not wait on the part.

Call another reputable service provider not affiliated with home warranty companies and get it fixed immediately. Then pursue the option of cashing out. The amount will be less than half of what the actual job costs. Believe it or not, it will be more $ than the AHS contractor will receive for the job.

The Ahs contractor has to keep your total job cost down to below $225 or AHS will fire him. Doesn’t matter how he does it.

He is operating a high volume of calls in order to make up for the low dollar amount, and doesn’t get paid again for coming back with the part. It’s a screwed up system.

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