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Approval manager has sent 3 contractors out to my home to change out my pan under my unit.

He stated to me that he was sending 1 more that is way higher in freon.

I know the one before was cheaper and AHS want let New contractor do it. The contractor was nervous about doing my job not knowing how they would pay if something else came up in the process . I did request him back , the approval manager told company that is higher on freon that ,that wasn't going to happen.

No one wants to do the job anyway, because it's not paying any money.

I ask all the contractor's what the problem was after the dude in approvals tried throwing it off on me being the problem!! Dude in approvals threatened me on the phone not once ,but several times the last conversation didn't go in his favor because it was being recorded. He said, ok sending you the payout over n over everything I asked a question and caught him in lies.

All the contractor's have managed to over look this burnt wire!!

Manager over the claims department told me as if I were a child!!! He was going to make me take the buyout on my service 700.00 . This consisted of taking the whole thing apart, putting a pan in it, and replacing the freon at 100 a pound for 15lbs. In hopes the inside coil isn't leaking. Then having to vacuum it back to 5,000 microns knowing that it's not going to work. This is in sane!

The stress this company has put me under in the middle of some major health issues!!

I have been on the phone begging for help . Approval manager states if a call back again he is sending 700.00 to cover my units job!! The one company that just came out couldn't come out until they were put into the system as 2nd opinion, because you get paid more for the job doing it the job as a 2nd opinion!

The 1st contractor doesn't count! He didn't even look and stated I had mold!! And they financed the units! Why would you pay for a new unit when you pay this money for *** they sell you on ! Let Us Do The Worrying!! They contract with these contractors in hopes the contractor would tell me I had mold and sell me a new unit and I would pay out of pocket!

That whole mold issue was a prank that I would be stupid and replace the unit by paying him $6,000! Stressed out not liking the sales pitches about no stress with American home Shield is a lie when it comes to your hvac

Product or Service Mentioned: Electric Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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AHS will likely cancel your policy because of this


Ugh this whole mess looks like everyone is trying to scam everyone. It started with the customer who needs a new system and doesn’t want to pay anything for it.

Before that day ever comes, the customer’s system will get patched in pieces and will never be a balanced new system. The customer is aware that AHS is not paying the contractors anything, yet is ok with this. The $700 cashout that AHS is offering is more than 3 times what the contractor will get. There is no reason at all to put a new pan under an air handler when the the air handler itself is not being replaced.

This is going to be a bad repair, and the customer and all the techs know it, however this is what the customer insists upon, instead of a cashout. Then the customer wants to claim “stress” amidst health problems. What a joke.

Anyone who signs up for this deserves all the stress that comes with it. Good luck.