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Charged $75 service fee for service call on furnace even though I cancelled immediately (<;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;60 minutes) and no appointment was actually ever scheduled with local service company. Service company they tried to bring in to repair the furnace was the worst rated and most dishonest in the area ....

didn't even pick a company from the town I'm in, which has a dozen great companies to choose from, but instead went 30 miles away to hire a shoddy company.

DO NOT buy a warranty from this company unless you just want to waste money. None of the reputable companies in my town will work with/for AHS.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Claim.

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The contractors who are willing to work for ANY home warranty companies (not just AHS) have poor reviews, ratings and consumer complaints because of the lack of home warranty pay. They have no option but to service high volumes of low paying service calls.

They are not paid by the home warranty much (if any) more than the customer’s co-pay, regardless of the problem or the actual costs of parts/labor/etc. For example, the furnace repair company will charge AHS the same $200 whether there is no furnace failure found, the failure is found not to be a covered repair, or the furnace has to be repaired or replaced. There is no incentive for the AHS contractor to do anything more than show up at your house to bill AHS the $200. Home warranty companies like AHS look at each contractor in their limited network to track the statistics—most important of which is their average cost per claim being charged.

All that matters to AHS is that the contractor is keeping the average cost per call at the $200 target for HVAC claims. The complaints, of course, made my the customers, have no impact on AHS. What reputable service company would work under those constraints? What happens to the reputation of a contractor who starts taking on AHS customers?

What happens to the average cost per call of an AHS contractor doing what’s necessary to make you itchy AHS customers happy? What happens when the AHS contractor’s costs are above the $200 average per call?

And why would AHS only have such a small, scattered network of contractors? You can figure it out.

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