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I purchased a home warranty for both of my houses. I realized that one of the houses had a home warranty with my homeowner's insurance after having AHS for several months.

So, I cancelled that policy a few days before the next payment was coming out. The customer service representative said that he would not be able to stop the next payment from coming out but they would refund that payment. I never received the refund. I called a month later and spoke to another rep who said that I should be getting a check in the mail any day.

Another month goes by and I call again and was told by another rep (and I quote) "whoever you spoke to before misinformed you to get you off the phone; you are lucky you didn't get hit with a cancellation fee". So I went from them owing me $90 to them threatening to bill me for a fee. I asked for a manager, he said they don't have managers there. BTW, I was speaking to the "RETENTION" department!

Needless to say, I cancelled the other policy immediately.


Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Location: Buffalo, New York

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I cancelled my policy after I was without ac for over 1 month in August, I had them for 2 years and had p0roblems each time I called them. I gad to pay a AC company to fix my ac unit.

AMS continued to charge me for 6 months then I cancelled my card.

I received a collection letter stating that I owe them for 3 more months and if I didn't pay they would destroy my credit.l I ended up paying to get them off my back. I would love to see a class action law suit brought against this company.

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