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have been a loyal customer of American Home Shields for six years. My AC stopped working three weeks ago. The first time I waited over 26 minutes to talk to someone. The agent said someone will come out to check the problem within 24 hours. The AC repair man from All Star Comfort Systems said it was something minor and all I had to do was pay the deductible $125.00. I paid, and after 2 days the AC stopped working again. When I called AHS, this... Read more

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Very bad customer service when you really need them, and use bad companies to repair at least cost. Very disappointed... They are unfear and disrespectful during an issue. Bye bye....ahs

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Our water heater blew a leak, and we currently have water pouring down the exterior wall of our home, through an attic, and our light sockets under the attic heater. We called American Home Shield (for the second time in our contract with them- the first was also a clusterfuck). They told us there is nothing that can be donde tonight. They upgraded our issue to "expedited" which means someone will contact us in the morning to fix our issue.... Read more

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Worst esperience ever i called with home ac problem they sent company out and their "educated guess"was a dog had been urinating on outdoor alum coil and caused it too rot lol my yard is fenced in i have no amimals so they tell me im entitled too a 2nd opinion with a different one of their companies they use " i couldnt call someone i wanted too" had too use who they referred. So i said ok as long as it dont cost me again just got a bill... Read more

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Had claim for cracked toilet that was leaking - after 2 weeks and being put on hold for 25 to 45 minutes finally found out my claim was denied. It was not normal wear and tear. I mean, seriously, how do you crack a toilet? This is the second time AHS has failed me. Had a leak in the dishwasher - they sent a plumber - cost $100 - plumber said it need an appliance repair person - that would have been another $100! We just paid to put a new... Read more

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I have been a customer of ahs for many years never had any problem with them and their contractors until recently sending off someone doesnt even look like he knows what hes doing and cant barely understand hes asian accent..anyway he charged me and left...the next day it went off again...i feel like im ripped and about ahs i cant believe as good as company they have they will hire such kind of contractors and i wonder how they unstand him...

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American Home Shield - Trash Compactor left unrepair and deny to provide new one..AHS BLOOD SUCKERS
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Service guy came to repair trash compactor and he found one less than 3 inch bone and he has make an issue that because of the compactor got burnt out. I said if a compactor can't handle 3 inch bone then it should not be called as compactor. He is not ready to accept the fact that the same machine I am using more than 10 years and every machine has life. For the past 5 years I am just paying to AHS to take care of this kind of incidents. AHS has... Read more

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THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET!!!Paying more out of pocket to repair ac. In texas heat, without air in both units for 2 weeks. We have 5 kids and 3 dogs. This is the worst company ever, and the worst customer service.they will deny every claim that comes through, but more than happy to recieve your money. I have rejected 10 of their very under par contractors.they do not cover anything, it is always read your fine print.... Read more

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Got a notice in the mail that our AHS contract will not be renewed this year. Called and they said that because of the amount of claims (over 15+ years) they would not be renewing the contract. Does this seem correct to anyone? In the history of the contract we have had 2 large claims and a few smaller ones. Has this happened to any other customers? Now we have to find another warranty company as we are older and don't want to deal with... Read more

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we are under contract with ahs company since 2001. we were new to this country. in dec 2003 on our request ahs sent out an a.c. technician who changed the thermostat but installed it wrongly. it would trigger both the heating system and air-condition at the same time, resulting in a gas bill in excess of twelve hundred dollars. one time ahs refused warranty claim for a dish washer. the technician told me it is warranty claim but ahs refused the... Read more

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