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American Home Shield is unfair to its customers and has the worse customer service of any company! I have been trying to get an oven/microwave unit replaced for 3 months. They are trying to call the unit I want an upgrade and charge me an additional $732 to actually replace with an equal unit. The hold time to speak to a customer service representative is over an hour and they only want to communicate through email. They take 24-48 to reply to...
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I didn't like
  • Deceptive company
  • Fustrating
  • Wait time on line
I had a year warranty with American Home Shield. I used it twice both times for similar situations. They don't pay to bring your property back to where it was so consequently I have three holes in my ceiling. After a year I continued on a month to month basis and I was robbed in May. The credit card was cancelled due to the robbery. I tried to call and cancel and ended up on hold forever. Consequently, I never got through and just didn't...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of flexibility for a resolution
  • No supervisor available
My ac was leaking down to a hall closet and a bathroom ceiling. I requested service at 4 am. They sent the request to a plumber! Plumber couldn't do anything about the leak, and they didn't come til 2 pm. I paid $75 for the service call when they didn't do anything. I made another service request with an ac repair. They referred me to a contractor that would not come for 3 days. Now it's 95 degrees in the house. Fans are on windows open. I...
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Short Review for July 06, 2016

Run from this company unless you like being ignored!!!!
This is a SCAM between the real-estate industry and AHS, they share marketing revenue, check your closing papers as they are required to disclose..... I had a water heater go out (it was the original builder heater installed and working for 6+ years) and they claim it is not covered due to a design defect. I have tried to us them several times and each claim received similar "not covered" evaluation but they still want their $75 fee. Total...
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I didn't like
  • Being on hold for endless hours
  • Zero integrity
  • Not caring about losing a customer
I had an emergency with plumbing. Could not get an emergency response over the phone, just an appt for a call from a service provider in 24 hours. On line, I didn't remember my password and it would not let me put in another. i wrote the company and no one answered. i called and have been on hold for over a half hour. my floors are getting ruined. i will have to call an emergency company. and it's a holiday weekend so it will cost more. AHS is a...
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BUYER BEWARE! If I could be a negative star on this company, I would. American Home Shield eagerly took our money for 15 years (my bad). I've made do in the past without my washer, my microwave (3 months, folks) and now my A/C is broken ~ it broke over 24 hrs ago! it is well over 106 degrees today. AHS cannot find a competent "provider" contractor to come out and fix my a/c. They sent out a provider contractor this morning (note, I said...
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After being a customer for 12 years and only using two times for minor repairs, (most of the cost not covered), my auto payment credit card expired and needed to be updated. No problem right? Wrong. I get a letter from collections for a year of payments in advance and my auto program deleted. Absolutely crappy customer relations. Cancelling this account asap! They have never been easy to deal with and the only reason to have his expensive...
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I was a client of AHS for over 3 years and called in multiple repairs with no problem. The most recent outage of my AC unit showed that the previous repair (by an AHS referred company) improperly installed the compressor and used an acetylene torch to cap off the stem where the compressor and fan are located. AHS denied that they had ever sent anyone for the repair, denied the claim and were VERY rude during the whole customer service process....
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not happy in Florida We had never purchased a home warranty until American Home Shield. I must say they take your money and deny and claim you file. If you are lucky enough to get them to cover...

5/29-A/C not cooling-Called first number, on hold for 30 minutes - all the while trying to use the website which shows my husbands expired credit card is still on file and therefore last few payments are not made (he did give them the updated information two weeks ago). He also ordered an AC check for $109 which they did charge to his updated card and we never received service for. So, made the card payment for past due directly via the web...
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Nice person We purchased a home with a home warranty from American Home Shield. The sellers paid about $400 for it. When things did not work, we called the number and talked to someone ...


jstearns I've owned more than a dozen properties. About 6 of them had warranties from American Home Shield. Making warranty claims was nearly always a headache. I know the pain of t...

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Please do your home work before signing up with these people!!! I have been given the run around for the last time by this company!!. I'm researching the owners so to avoid doing business with any other company they may be involved in this is one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with!!! Constant claim denials, there's always a problem when it's time for them to send me my reimbursement check that they should have paid for!!! if anyone has...
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HVACLADY I would also like to get in on a lawsuit with these people!!! thy owe us tons of money!!