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AHS The very worse. They hired contractors that either does not show up for appointments or that are not professional and dedicated to their business.

We had a washer that went bad and they were supposed to send a guy to repair. He stated he had the wrong phone number and couldn't call, yet we also had a work order to service a heat pump that also had required repairs and that technician showed up. I check out the guy that was supposed to do the washer repair and his reviews stated that he missed appointments or failed to show up at all. We even phoned the man direct and he never returned the call.

The heat tech guy was also nonprofessional. Came to look at the unit, stated it needed a new circuit board. Returned one week to the date and installed the board. Stated there was another issue with a valve.

Never returned the next day and never stated anything about when the part would come in or when he would return. He also stated that the system would have to be drained of Freon and new Freon pumped into the system. My son went to work and asked a guy he works with at the military base if the Freon could be reused and he learned that all they needed to do was place a filter on the return side to filter out any impurities if any existed from the used Freon. Wanted to charge him $400 for the Freon.

Phoned his place of business and his mailbox was full. All these people they contract seem very shady at best.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Hire Professionals that are dedicated to their profession..

American Home Shield Cons: Choice of technicians, Wait time on the phone, Customer service for american home shield was a 3o minute wait.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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The contractors used by home warranty companies seem shady for several reasons. Getting new contractors would not/does not solve the problem.

The reasons are: the contractors work for the home warranty company, not you. They can’t tell you anything, they can’t let you decide anything, and they can hardly ever charge you anything. They can’t charge AHS anything either, and that is the biggest problem with no solution. They also are far too short-staffed and overburdened with heavy call volume because AHS slams 1 or 2 companies with a million calls in a huge territory, using their “controlled” companies.

By controlled, it means unable and unwilling to charge more than the service fee to keep AHS calls coming in. They don’t work for you and you aren’t paying them and they are hostages, just like their warranty clientele. You don’t want to work with them, and they don’t want to work with you either. Most home warranty customers are shady customers.

They know it’s a scam and they want it anyway. They think they can outsmart AHS and their contractors and outmaneuver them. Some want revenge and want a 40 year old company like AHS to change.

Not going to happen. They stay one step ahead of the game and have more attorneys.

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