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On June 10th, I placed a service request for my downed and out of service refrigerator. American Home Shield was notified that this should be made an expedited request because my wife suffers from MS (multiple sclerosis) and her sister, who lives with us, suffers from diabetes.

Their medication must be kept refrigerated. Initially Frig Wiz was the assigned vendor. In speaking with Frig Wiz I learned that they could not respond for the repair until the following Monday. I felt that would be too long and requested another vendor who could expedite the repair.

That second vendor, East Electronics, responded two days later, looked inside the refrigerator and said that all it required was for the refrigerator to be unplugged and defrosted.

I explained that if that was the problem then shouldn't he use a heating instrument to defrost it and expedite the matter? He explained that his company did not allow him to do this. I then proceeded to place a towel beneath the floor inside the refrigerator and waited for defrosting. The following morning there was no sign of water drip or wetness on the towel.

I then opened the panel that covered the alleged frozen part and saw that it had already been defrosted prior to East Electronics looking at it. The refrigerator did not require defrosting. I then reported this to East Electronics who did not respond to my telephone or text messages until about three days later, after I reported their negligence to AHS who ended up phoning East Electronics to respond. At their second response to my residence, the vendor explained that a non working fan was the problem.

He would have to request the part and it would take about a week. This was on June 21, 2021. It is now Friday July 9, 2021 and East Electronics has not responded to calls or text messages. This has been reported to AHS who also has not been unable to reach this vendor.

On July 8, 2021 I requested another vendor be reassigned who can professionally respond and make these repairs but AHS has told me I have to wait 24 hours for a response from East Electronics. The 24 hours has come and gone and still there is no update to my account from AHS nor a response from the vendor. American Home Shield explained on July 2, 2021 that East Electronics requested the parts but had not received them yet. Those parts had been requested outside of AHS.

On July 8, 2021, another AHS agent explained East Electronics requested the parts from AHS but that request is not in their system. Again I requested a concession and was told that a supervisor would contact me. The supervisor never phoned me. Today I spoke with another AHS agent, he explained that he was unable to reach the vendor.

Again I requested a vendor switch. He explained that a supervisor by the name of Maricon would call me to discuss that. I notified him that if I did not receive a call from that supervisor today I will report my grievance with the media. I am sure WAVY 10 would like to look into this story and learn that there is quite a negative and disappointing history of customer service with AHS.

I will have to wait am requesting that you intervene and correct this problem. A long standing customer should not experience such a problems, particularly when there are medical issues involved.

I pray you can have this matter expedited through your office and it won't have to be elevated through the media and result in my unsubscribing with your company.


Jose L. Ramos

2429 Dunbarton Dr

Chesapeake, Va 23325

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User's recommendation: There has been no response from AHS.

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

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