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For 5 years in a row- American Home Shield sent a contractor to my home when my air conditioner wasn't blowing cold. Every year they charged me a service fee between $45- $60, and would just charge the unit with freon.

Every summer the same thing, no cold air-finally after 5 yrs. I complained I wanted the problem fixed right- A.H.S. agreed to replace the leaking unit. Every time I had a service call by A.H.S.-They send incompetent contractors who try to cut corners by using old parts or shoddy practices- nothing changed when the contractor they sent to install the new unit botched the job.First of all I pleaded with A.H.S.

NOT TO SEND THE SAME CONTRACTOR who I complained about every time they came to my home. A.H.S. told me I had 2 choices use the contractor they picked or "cash out" for $1500,and fix my A/C On my own. The only problem was I couldn' t pay for a new unit with the $1500- so I had no choice but to use A.H.S.hand picked contractor.

By the way A.H.S. approved an additional $900.00 in "UPGRADES" and extras to be paid to this so called contractor (Steve Hester Service CO. of Cabot AR.) NOT ONLY DID NONE OF THESE UPGRADES GET DONE- THEY DESTROYED MY DUCT WORK, and didn't even file for a permit until after the job was done. Even then several violations were found.

I complained to A.H.S. and the contractor who came back and said the unit was working fine. Only problem was it wasn't cooling. Its been 3 months of fighting and trying to get my unit working right.

I am filing a complaint with the Attorney general. A.H.S. will play games on the phone- every time I call to complain I talk to a different person- even when asking for a supervisor it was never the same person. They don' t call back, act like its your first call to them- and they hope you'll just go away.

A.H.S. approves up charges to their contractors- then if you have a problem- they say its between you and the contractor. How is it that they can force you to use the contractor they pick- then have no responsibility as to the quality of the workmanship and customer service? Quite a racket A.H.S.

IS PERPETRATING ON CONSUMERS. I found out the contractor they sent to my home (Steve Hester Service Co.) has AN "F" RATING with the B.B.B. Why dosen't A.H.S. CHECK OUT THE CONTRACTORS THEY SEND TO YOUR HOME?

SAVE YOUR SELF THE MONTHLY FEES AND CONSTANT SERVICE FEES- save they money you would spend on A.H.S.put it in a fund, and hire a contractor who you can trust, who will come back if something is not right. I also had the same problem with a hot water heater some months ago- the contractor A.H.S. sent out told me I would have to pay $850.00 in extras for code upgrades! That's more than any other contractor would charge for the total removal and replacement of the hot water heater.

I wound up taking the "cash-out" of $460.00 from A.H.S. and finding my own contractor to R & R the hot water heater, who did all the code upgrades, and installed a new hot water heater.


Product or Service Mentioned: Steve Hester And Sons Air Conditioner Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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American Homeshield sent a plumber out several times to fix a leak on my hot water pipe under the house. The plumber used “duck tape” to repair the pipe.

Needless to say, the duck tape didn’t fix the leak. However, Mostly all of our walls cracked and our floors buckled causing costly damages to our home. Our children were sick from mold and my family had to go without hot water in very cold weather. We are suing American Homeshield and the plumber for the damages to our home, health, and living conditions.

While American Homeshield tries their best to get out of being responsible for the damages, they also sent us a letter saying that they are not renewing our contract. Oouuuch! Talk about insult to injury. If you are or used to be a customer or contractor I will be very grateful if I can get a statement from you sent to my email

Or call me (251)232-5106. I am especially interested in hearing from any contactors and former American Homeshield employees that can vouch for American Homeshield’s encouragement to make cheap repairs that only puts a temporary band-aid on the problem and their deceptiveness with denying claims that should be covered. Customers that share horror stories like mine and ended up with damage to their homes, I’d love to hear from you as well.

I am not looking for anyone to testify in court, only a true statement. I will also be willing to give my statement to anyone who needs it.

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