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I have contacted ABC news about this scam of a company. If you are as frustrated and as angry as I am, please follow the information on this link and let them know about your personal experience. It will only take a few minutes. In a day when people demand customer service, I am still amazed that AHS is still in business. I only wish I would have found this website before I purchased the home warranty. Also contact your real estate agent or who ever sold you the warranty to complain.

Contacting the BBB is useless...they gave AHS an A+ rating!! Good luck with getting your issues resolved.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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To get a lot of assistance in resolving your customer problems and complaints with AHS. I advise that you utilize the FREE big company social networking complaint resolution services of OR call the Publik Demand Hotline at 1-888-724-8981 OR email PD at


Horrible non-caring supervisor!!!!! I have been with out my washer for a month...waiting and waiting, first no available seviceman, then parts, then no available serviceman, then washer with 500.00 worth of parts worked for 1 day, now 5 days later still no available serviceman can only schedule on a day when i can't be home even though i have been home for 4days straight!!!! The real issue is they don't care!!!!!!!


First of all, just to clarify; AHS pays good money to the BBB to get that coveted A+ rating.

The second point that what you all must understand is that AHS is actually owned by ServiceMaster, which also owns TruGreen and Terminix. With all of this being said, you folks need to go directly to the source by going through

For more information check out the official "AHS Sucks" consumer fraud website at


I have had two experiences with AHS regarding claims. Both of them have been illuminating experiences regarding the way they do business.

The slickest part of their operation is their marketing plan. In my case I was introduced to the plan by an informational sent by my, then, respected mortgage company Wells Fargo. I made the, what turns out to be foolish, assumption that it must be on the up and up, so it created some anxiety when I read about the class action suit filed against them by angry consumers upset by their service.

I should have stopped the service there and then and done what I thought about doing at the time which was to put the money I was paying monthly with my Wells Fargo Mortgage payment into savings. By now I would have enough saved to replace my furnace and hot water heater with new more efficient equipment assured to work for many years to come. I am doing that now but it may be a while before we can afford to make the conversions. I don’t see why Wells Fargo doesn’t have a dedicated savings plan for home emergencies. They could make a little money reinvesting it, doing what they do best, and clean up their tarnished reputation caused by their promotion of AHS. I know, as a business man dealing with the public, success of my business depends on my reputation. I wonder if Wells Fargo has anybody in their board room that understands the value in profit they are losing for what appears to be easy money through their association with AHS. I only use sub- contractors that I know and trust to do the job right, fairly and honestly.

This is how the AHS business works:

You call AHS

They call THEIR contracted agent in your area. There are no choices.

He sets up a service call.

He comes to your home and determines what needs to be done.

He calls AHS and they determine the course of action to take and WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE COVERED

He either makes the repairs or DELIVERS THE BAD NEWS.

You pay the service call flat fee ($60) regardless of the outcome

The first claim the local contractor was a personable guy working out of his own van knew what he was doing. He replaced a corroded rod in my hot water tank. He told me the tank needed to be replaced and that he was calling AHS to see if they would do it. The answer was no. They agreed that the tank needed replacement. The reason was that new installation codes in the area required additional work be done to meet those standards. CLAIM DENIED. If I, on my own would bring the equipment up to the new code standard then they would service it. The agent offered his company as the contractor for the necessary work. I later found out that the only modification needed would be a drain pan.

The second claim was for my furnace. This guy worked for an East Indian owned company, ALPHA Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.. He was rude and abrasive in manor and knew very little about the furnace. At first he tried to say that the propane wasn’t on. I showed him the burners on the stove working and he went back to work instructing me to leave the room. He cleaned the thermo coupler and got the furnace working after a lot of banging on the unit. I didn’t see what he was hitting. I wasn’t allowed to see. He never called AHS. Instead he informed me that if the furnace failed in the future he would not warrant replacement unless I bought an additional maintenance service from him for $129. I took this as a threat and this was confirmed when he told me that he, not AHS, would make the determination when the time came and he would determine if the furnace was maintained properly. I paid him his $60 service call fee and told him to pick up his stuff and leave.

I haven’t decided where to go with this yet though I will share it with everyone I know. This lesson cost me $3120. Of course with this electronic age and Face Book I can see no good coming out of it for the participants. I really think Wells Fargo needs to take a closer look at its self and the marketing partners it plays with. Good intentions, providing what appears to be a service beneficial to homeowners in this case, can backfire if the service you are attaching your name to uses questionable practices and inferior service.

I feel it is important that Wells Fargo know how I feel about this. I will be refinancing soon and will be looking for a good Mortgage Bank. Prior to this event there would have been no question where I would be going. Wells Fargo has been a good partner in my life up to this time and I feel they deserve, from my side, an honest assessment of this aspect of their business and how it pertains to any future dealings we engage in.

@.William Cooper

Hello, I'm a journalist with a group called The Capitol Forum and I would love to talk with you about your experience with American Home Shield and Wells Fargo. Please shoot me an e-mail at


Called AHS in June when my oven stopped working. It is now 5 months later and I still don't have a replacement.

I had to called the executive offices just to get an email that states the oven is covered and will be replaced. But still no oven. I have no idea what to do next.

They had brought me to tears. No turkey for my family this year.


Had a appointment for 1 Oct 2011 @ 0800-1200 with Sears to fix our oven. Received a call at approx.

11:35 saying that would be late. Should arrive between 1-2. Shortly there after I contacted Sears dispatch and left two cell phone numbers for the tech to call our cell phones so that someone could meet with him instead the tech called the home phone,showed up and left a note saying that he was here at 3:23. Needless to say our oven still isn't fixed.

I will be contacting Ryans Homes since if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have know anything about AHS. Not the first time that we have had heartache is dealing with Sears via

AHS. That is the reason why I no longer shop there and will be contacting there store in the morning.

Customer Service a lost art but, customer we have the power to hit them where it hurts,word of mouth and their bank account. DISSAPPOINTED WITH AHS and SEARS


one week without water now and counting. AHS has yet to resolve my problem.

tons of run around and no fix.

my 3 and 5 year olds are suffering because of them not honering the contract. we have no running water because of a leak that developed.


we have been trying to resolve our trash compactor for over six weeks. the tech has said there is no way to fix it.

They do not want to pay out. Anon thanks for posting the info, it does get you through to the ceo and his office. We left a message hopefully they will stop jerking us around. For those of you who live in MA you can file a chapter 93 A letter.

It is on the Mass gov website. It is for unfair and deceptive business practices.

Other states may have this under another name. I will be sending them this letter which they have thirty days to respond or I am entitled to treble damages, which can be alot.


November 17, 2010

Hello…..I am really in need of assistance.

I purchased the warranty plan with American Home Shield.

Initially when I called them was because my A/C was shutting on and off and not cooling…

They sent a technician that requested a $60 service charge before they even looked at the unit.

Since that time, I’ve had two more technicians to come to my home…Each time; I had to call to follow up to check the status. I have received the run around……..During which time the temperature here in Georgia dropped below 34 degrees and we were without heat. I was forced to buy heaters to keep my home warm. I have been going back and forth with them for nearly 4 weeks.

My unit is one central unit; therefore I had neither air nor heat…..

Although the second and third technician indicated the motor needed to be replaced no one again followed up to give me a status on my service.

I called AHS Monday, November 15, 2010 to check on the status of my service call, and was immediately transferred to a Mr. Maxwell who said the unit needs to be replaced…He indicates to me they would replace the unit, but they will not cover the duct work which will cost me $650.00. This does not make sense, being that I have paid for this service from AHS. Mr. Maxwell said I had a few options after I insisted I was not in a position to pay $650.00 for duct work….that he indicates is modification they don’t pay for. He suggested he would check on the cost to do what he called a buyout……basically to see what the company that had been out on three occasions would charge to put a new unit in and get back with me.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 I received a call from a person named Karen with AHS…who says they can mail me a check for $482 to cover the replacement of my unit……As I indicated to her, I don’t know much about electrical units, but I’m almost certain I cannot replace my unit for $482…..

AHS has proven to be a real rip off. I am a single parent, in college trying to better my life, and I really feel this is totally unfair and a scam. They lure consumers in and then fail to honor the contracts. We are now in November…….and I am without heat for my home. Any advice or assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully submitted.

Beverly Duromola



I just cancelled my AHS warranty. I have had them for 1 year, and have made 3 service requests.

They have denied 2 of the 3 calls based on false information. The only call they did service was a $10 part on my frig. I think that this company deserves some bad press.

I have spent over $720 in the last year to get a $10 part fixed. Upon talking to several of my friends, they have been in similar situations with this company


Annie, How can a lawyer contact you?


AHS (American Home Shield) continues to waste my time! After cancelling my month to month contract and still getting billed for it, I was still billed.

Then, we sold the house. Eventually, they stopped billing us. Now I recieved a check, which I cashed. The check was issued 6/25/10.

I thought -- oh maybe they finally got customer service and the accounting department on the same page. Nope--I get a letter on August 6,2010, telling me the check was issued by mistake and to send the money back to them!


This is the greatest American Home Owner rip off, sold to you by your real estate broker. They have a deal with AHS so you will not hassel them.

The 60 dollars is all they pay the company to come out and tell you it is not covered and we pay the 60 dollars. AHS has no intention of paying to fix anything. The technician that shows up tells you how much he hates them before he ever looks at the problem.

They will not replace any thing because if they do::they will be removed from the AHS vendors list. Most of the companies that come to your home work under a company we (you) have never heard of, if you could get someone to replace something it is replaced with a piece of )))), inferior product that is so they can get it fixed under the manufactures warranty I WILL NOT RENEW THIS POLICY IT IS NOT WORTH THE HEADACHES.


For those of you who are disgusted with AHS's business tactics, customer relations AND DENIAL OF TRUE, VALID CLAIMS (ie: Breach of Contract)....

Here's some info:

If you're seeking CEO David Crawford's voicemail - here's how.

Dial 1-866-305-0259 as stated above. When the phone system says "Thank you for calling American Home Shield.... please enter your Representative's Extension" -


Enter Ext. # 1000

The Greeting will then say: "Welcome to Avia Messaging, please enter the mailbox # of the person you are calling.... IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE MAILBOX NUMBER, PRESS STAR (*) TO SPELL THE NAME"....

After that sentence, IMMEDIATELY PRESS STAR (*) - then spell David Crawford's LAST NAME:

just input, "CRAW".... you will then be taken to: DAVE CRAWFORD'S VOICEMAIL....

Kindly leave your message. :)

If you want to call bluff - redial the 1-866 number above, go to Ext. 1000 and then input Judy's Extension "2100" (Judy Peedic - The Executive Assistant to David Crawford) - it will take you to her voicemail (or she will pick up) - so the Avia Messaging System is that of AHS...

Also, another Executive Assistant to David Crawford is a person by the name of "Matthew Boyd" his extension is 2103 at the same 1-866 number listed above (again, his extension also works in the Avia Messaging System @ AHS).

I hope American Home Shield makes right on alot of the breach of contract issues...



The above contact information is no longer valid, as David Crawford is NOT the CEO of AHS any more. Your best bet is to contact AHS parent company at

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