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They only charge $75 for the inspection and then the A/C company, in this case Total Air Care in Florida, takes you for $1,000 which is supposed to be the freon cost. AHS pays $150 towards freon, which actually cost less than $100. When I complained to AHS they said that charging $75/lbs is normal for that company(!) Which sounds like they know its a rip off but its not their problem? In fact any argument is stonewalled. A quick survey shows rates around $35-45 are more common. I have no problem with A/C companies making money, but it should be realistic.

So what's going on? AHS sells pretty low cost insurance to almost anyone because they have figured out how to do this bait and switch. Each time I called I've waited 30 minutes to get through, and the person answering was not really sure who she worked for.

We waited over a month for the callback that was supposed to happen in 24 hours. Spent a few hours on hold to try to get the A/C fixed.

When I called to negotiate a cashout, each time I called I got different amount and a "don't know who gave you that but it's wrong!"

I was allowed call in a complaint, negotiate a cashout but was not allowed to speak with a supervisor because my name was not the primary name on the insurance!?! This all smells like an operation where service is a nuisance and profit is all that matters. Much how scammers operate.

They have a huge number of complaints and really should receive an investigation. Their business model, from the customer viewpoint, is rotten and they simply don't care regardless of what they say to BBB and others.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Air Conditioner Repair Estimate.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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