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When my husband and I purchased our first home last December, our realty company included one free year of American Home Sheild protection. We are about 1 month away from the end of this contract. Our oil tank recently ran empty and once it was filled...it didn't work. We contacted American Home Shield with a repair order. Keep in mind- our house is 49 degrees at this point. 2 days after contacting them multiple times, a repair company was sent out. It was very clear this man had no idea what he was doing. First he blamed the problem on the oil we had delivered, then on Us and our 'lack of maintenance'. This furnace is only 3 years old and we've religiously changed the filter, etc. Well, he denied our claim and said they wouldn't fix it.

We ended up calling the repair company directly and found out that they do NOT even repair OIL FURNACES! Yet, American Home Shield is now refusing to repair our furnace. Each service call is $60 and they want to charge us again to have another company come out. Even though this was their mistake.

After going back and forth, speaking to a very rude manager and being completely insulted- we said forget it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE. THEY WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO SAY WHAT YOU NEED REPAIRED IS NOT COVERED UNDER YOUR CONTRACT.

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Just like car & home insurance, they like to collect but dont like to pay. :(

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