They lie about what they will replace. I was told they would cash out and pay to replace my hvac.

Evidently their customer service agent told me wrong- but they wont follow through on what they initially told me. Its not my fault they told me wrong. When I complained to an agent 3 days later she was rude and told me they would provably just fire that person (she was trying to guilt trip me to stop complaining). They say they will pay $900 to replace the coil which is leaking, and then I have to pay $1,000 to replace the refrigerant.

This system is almost 22 years old. Its ridiculous to throw bandaids on it. And whats the point of a warranty company if I have to pay more for the repair than the company?!?

The contractors they send are rude- one of them even hung up on AHS.

Last year i had a plumbing leak and the plumber they sent refused to go behind my fridge to even look at it- so my 63 year old dad instead climbed back to fix it.

My hot water heater recently leaked- they wouldnt send someone out for DAYS.

I didnt want to wait and get water damage so I paid $2,600 to replace it myself. It wasnt worth the nightmare and shoddy work that would come from working with AHS.

They are horrible to work with, liars and rude

User's recommendation: Save your money, they are useless.

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

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