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Major rip off, for a simple pluming problem contacted AHS they send a tech out to help me. The tech came out take a look at it, didn't fix the problem and said it is "structural" and he needs to open the dry wall to see if there is underground leak or not, after doing that he didn't see any leak left the wall open and never came back to fix the pluming problem or close the dry wall.

After many calls to AHS the dry wall is still open. The ""Structural plumbing" problem was fixed by an independent Plummer for free it was just a lose house.

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American Homeshield sent a plumber out several times to fix a leak on my hot water pipe under the house. The plumber used “duck tape” to repair the pipe.

Needless to say, the duck tape didn’t fix the leak. However, Mostly all of our walls cracked and our floors buckled causing costly damages to our home. Our children were sick from mold and my family had to go without hot water in very cold weather. We are suing American Homeshield and the plumber for the damages to our home, health, and living conditions.

While American Homeshield tries their best to get out of being responsible for the damages, they also sent us a letter saying that they are not renewing our contract. Oouuuch! Talk about insult to injury. If you are or used to be a customer or contractor I will be very grateful if I can get a statement from you sent to my email

Or call me (251)232-5106. I am especially interested in hearing from any contactors and former American Homeshield employees that can vouch for American Homeshield’s encouragement to make cheap repairs that only puts a temporary band-aid on the problem and their deceptiveness with denying claims that should be covered. Customers that share horror stories like mine and ended up with damage to their homes, I’d love to hear from you as well.

I am not looking for anyone to testify in court, only a true statement. I will also be willing to give my statement to anyone who needs it.


we started a claim about our a/c not working. They sent out a repair guy that said our wiring was inadequate and needed repaired. He "repaired" the wiring and left with our 60 dollars. 2 days later (middle of summer in texas) A/C does not work again, call ahs and they say it they will send out a tech asap. 3 days go by and nothing, we have to call the repair company only to find out that we weren't on the list and have to schedule another appointment. Now we have gone 8 days without a/c in texas and the repair company comes out and tells us again we have a wiring issue and it burnt out the evaporator/blower, they call ahs and they tell them to rewire again and try to make that work. It does and we go a week until we have to call again. A very long story short we make 16 service calls in 3 months of the summer and get a pieced together "new" a/c unit and after a winter of problems with the heating unit finally go to use the A/C again and it doesnt work. On top of all that we get a letter stating they will not renew our policy.

Please be aware of this company and we are happy they wont renew our policy.



my sister in law just had a wonderful (ha ha) experience with american home shield. her washer went out and placed a request for sevice on a monday.she waited three days and Sears or A&E, contacted her.they told her that she would get serviced next week tuesday (8 days).

so she did not think she had a choice. on the 8th day Sears (A&E) called her and stated they could not make it and she would have to be rescheduled. she took the day off!!!! she then called AHS to complain and after a few choice words with a snotty representative, they agreed to send some one else.

the other company was a local independaent and came the next day and fixed it!!!

ON A SATURDAY!!! why pay them ( AHS)for this type of treatment!!


So true... I had a shower leak that was covered under warrenty but because I removed a set screw and took off a cover, then the work wasn't covered.

They'll take your money, but have little desire to actually fix anything..


I totally agree and I'll raise you a rip off. RRRRIIIIIPPPPP OOOOOOFFFFFFF!!!!!!!! :(


To be continued.... Check out

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