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I paid AHS $549 a year for a home warranty,I had a leak behind the wall in my living room,this was on July 25th,2020 I call and turn it in and they sent a plumber to fixed the leak,the plumber had to call and get authorization in which they said yes.On December 2nd we had another leak in the kitchen area,I call it in and they sent a plumber to fix it,but they had to call it in for authorization and it was rejected by AHS something to do with the pipe that they dont fixed,the plumber charge me $300 for a $150 job I check with another plumber after it was done.We are in our late 70s and on low income.The pipe that they fixed on December 25th was the same kind of pipe,I say that is discrimination,why am I being charged $549 a year for a home warranty when they wont fix something that is broken.So this job cost me $549 plus $300 plus $100 AHS takes for a fee plus they are supposed to fixed what they damage in which they did almost they fixed the holes but they didnt texture the walls I had to pay for that another $100 but they fixed everything on the July 25th and all I had to do was just paint the wall.

User's recommendation: Stay away from American home warranty.

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

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