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My toilet was stopped up and I needed it fixed that same day. I was told by the plumbing company they couldn't come out until the following week.

I called AHS to get another plumbing company that could come out the same day and they said they will try to get an expedited repair company but the best they could do was the next day. This a toilet not a sink!!!! That really pissed me off and I had to call a plumber that came out on the same day within 20min and was charged less. I had good experiences with them before but things have changed.

I'm going to find another company. I am no longer satisfied with their service.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Location: Carson, California

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Why do you need to look for another (home warranty) company, when the plumber you found outside the home warranty came in a few minutes and charged less? The entire home warranty marketplace has evolved into a scam, preying on the naive homeowner, who doesn’t like hiring contractors, but doesn’t like the contractors that home warranty companies choose either.

Since AHS only pays the plumber (or whatever trade you need) only a very low flat rate (roughly the same amount as your service fee that you pay to AHS--so AHS isn’t really out anything!) regardless of what you need or what parts/labor/equipment you receive (THAT THE CONTRACTOR MUST PROVIDE WITHOUT REIMBURSEMENT!) there is no incentive for them to hurry, care, or do a good job. The only thing that matters to any home warranty company is the average cost of all the claims that a service provider charges. This incentivizes the plumber or other contractor to charge a bottom-dollar, flat rate service fee and provide all the labor and materials, because AHS threatens constantly to replace the contractor over cost control. In exchange, AHS gives preferred status to the plumber or contractor in that area, and sends them ALL the work orders.

Every single home warranty company (like Old Republic, for example) is doing business this way, so why would you look for a new home warranty?

Why not look for some good, local, trustworthy, small businessmen, contractors that come highly recommended for doing great work, somthat when the time comes, you’ll have numbers to call? Check out their reviews online, and ask your neighbors on the neighborhood apps for referrals.

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