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The problem with the refrigerator has continued to worsen because the service provided by Sears was a minimal quick fix in order to get paid. First time I can accept, however if the quick fix does not complete the service required.

Your policy states that the $75 covers what ever is required via parts (etc). If it can not be fixed or repaired on the first trip then any additional trips will be covered.

The second trip by your service provider identified the same problem. In other words (the problem was not fixed or repaired).

The third time a service provider was sent out, they again found the same problem as the first two times.

Upon seeing that the problem could not be fixed or repaired completely on the fourth time (with a second opinion) repair person he identified as unrepairable and AHS states that we do not cover that refrigerator and that it was determined as a manufacturer defect.

The entire situation is an AHS defect, in that AHS provides minimal service and support to its customers in order to maintain its business.

American Home Shield this is unacceptable and your service to America and its customers, as well as my appliance is incomplete until it is completely repaired or replaced.

I will be awaiting your response and still expect a complete resolution to the current situation.

Again your service to your customers is your priority.

I completely expect that you are not forgetting that your title is (American)(Home)(Shield) not (Economic Household Care)

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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I sincerely hope that this does not happen to you. I am not only a paying customer but an Honorably Retired Service member.

What that means to me is, when you provide a service to Country or to Honorably Paying Customers, We expect results (not political excuses)

Thank you and wish all Love.

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