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American Home Shield complete frauds - $480 a year + $77 co-pay for each service request. This company is dreadful - I bought policy with them years ago to cover major problems with plumbing electrical etc.that might arise but they have never covered any of the major problems I've had.

For instance sprarks flying out of my electrical box in kitchen was not covered and was deemed as "safe" not dangerous! I had to pay $2000 to bring in an electrician to replace the electrical box - he told me my house could have burned down! Backed up toilet sink drains were also "not covered" because my house didn't have an outside drain access or overflow installed. I also have to pay for that problem another $1500.

When all Electrical went out in the house because of a problem with one of the lines - that wasn't covered either! Why? Well because one line went "underground" and good old AHS doesn't covered underground lines either. So i had to pay for that too.

So what DO they cover ? Well if you have a slow drain they will pay for plumber to come out to snake it - you still have to pay $77 copayment and of course the annual AHS fee of $480. Do this a few times and you realize it's way cheaper and far less frustrating to just pay for the plumber directly when you need them and cut AHS out completely. Dreadful waste of time and money - save yourself a lot of frustration they don't follow through on their promises to cover ANYTHING!!

They always have "not covered" in their small print for just about everything! The reason for my final decision to dump them?

Hot water heater broke yesterday and they don't consider that deserving of "expedited service" so I have to wait for 3 days before they will send someone out . Yes it's a holiday weekend and no showers for us !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Home Warranty.

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I have waited a week and all I'm told is they are trying to locate a technician. Try heating water on the stove a week for baths, etc. ugh!

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