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After 14 continuous years of coverage and 14 years of NOT ultra-high usage, American Home Shield retaliated against me for invoking a clause in their contract, by refusing to renew my coverage, and then, not notifying me of said non-renewal.

In January, 2017, my dishwasher needed service, so I went online, ordered service and paid the $75 fee in-advance online. The contractor who was assigned was from a town 40 miles away from me and he wasn't able to come to my house until the following week.

Just a few days after I placed that order (but prior to the contractor's visit), my oven started acting funny, so, I went online again, ordered service for the oven and paid AHS another $75 fee. AHS just happened to assign the same contractor to me for my oven repair as they did for the dishwasher repair

While the contractor was working on my dishwasher, I turned the oven on to see if it would work. After the contractor was finished fixing the dishwasher, I asked the technician if he also worked on ovens. He said he did. I then showed him a print-out of the second work order, showing him that his company was also set-up for the oven repair too. I asked him if he wished to save a second 40-mile one-way trip and take a look at the oven while he was already in my kitchen. He said yes. At that point I discovered that the oven was working fine, so I told him to forget about it. He did.

I then contacted AHS to request a refund of the $75 I paid for the oven repair service call which never really happened. They refused. I tried too explain in further detail. They still refused. I then escalated from making "a request" to making "a demand" for a refund. They still refused.

I then wrote a letter to them and in the letter I invoked a clause in their contract, which says that disputes have to go to arbitration, and, that if I wanted to go to Small Claims Court instead, I would need their consent to do that. I formally asked for them to either allow me to sue them in Small Claims Court for the $75 or to proceed to arbitration. I felt very strongly that they were not entitled to any money for the oven repair. After receiving my letter, invoking my rights under their contract, they eventually refunded me the unearned $75.

In August, 2018, my washing machine needed repair. I then came to discover that my AHS contract was non-renewed in May, 2018. They allege that they sent me a letter in August, 2017, notifying me of their decision not to renew in May, 2018. I have no record of ever receiving any such letter. The premium payments were debited from my checking account every month for the past 14 years. I did not realize in my bank statements for May, June & July, that such debits were missing. I had no knowledge of anything.

Digging deeper, I was informed that their decision last year not to renew me this year was made by the AHS legal department, as response/retaliation for my "threatening" letter to them, which merely invoked my rights to either arbitration or court or my $75 back per the clause in their own contract.

American Home Shield discarded a 14-year loyal customer who stood firm against them for his right not to be ripped-off by them. I'm not sure if I should be unhappy that my home is now without coverage, or if I should be happy that I am no longer in a business relationship with a disreputable company who would do something this like American Home Shield.

Online truth-telling is my only avenue for my retaliation, so here it is.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Reinstate coverage just as it was..

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Honestly. The best way to invoke your right not to be ripped off by them is to not buy a warranty policy in the first place.

You were already ripped off at that point. But why would you want to sue them and then keep doing business with them? Can’t say they were wrong to terminate your renewal option after you tried to sue them. Sounds like you are a weasel that likes to play games and come out ahead by playing sneaky tricks.

For example, asking the tech if he also services ovens, and then whipping out a printout of a work order.

You are outfoxed from the start, when you play the warranty company game. They’ve been playing the game longer than you have, and they made up the rules.

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