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It is highly offensive when you pay for a service on time monthly and then when you need to speak with the service provider be placed on hold for hours in order to speak with a human being. Moreover, you continue to play that annoying recording that says you are trying to resolve the long wait times.

Finally, I take offense to the issue of the type of machine I had to get for my replacement. I have no problem with getting a whirlpool washing machine.

However, if you are genuinely trying to replace what I actually have, I believe the color should also be included. I purchased a chrome color machine and expected a chrome color machine as it's replacement without any additional charges...to say the lease I am disappointed with your customers service.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Washing Machine Warranty.

Location: Bay Village, Ohio

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All insurance companies either squirm out of their obligations entirely, or pay only 50% of actual cost. To complain that only AHS is doing this is remiss.

For example, getting rear-ended in our car at a stop light resulted in a 5 day rental car reimbursement provided by the insurance company in the amount of $150. How does one rent a car for 5 days for $150?!? Not to mention the car being repaired is a full sized SUV, not a Fiesta.

All insurance companies are scams. Obviously, you could save your money and pay for home repairs, because home warranties aren’t required by law as auto liability policies are.

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