Compton, California

I purchased a service contract from American Home Shield for a residence left to me after my mother passed away last year (12207 S. San Pedro St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90061). My daughter is currently living in the residence. She phoned me on November 3, 2015 and let me know that she had no hot water (she had hot water the day before). I went to the residence to try and relight the water heater. It was at that time I noticed the floor was wet. My daughter said she had been on the service porch washing clothes the day before and the floor was not wet. I phoned AHS and made a claim. A plumber (Drainco Plumbing) can out and said there was mold around the water heater and that it had been leaking for a while. I had a mold expert from PRC restoration come out. Jose Perez from PRC informed me that there was no mold and that the water damage was new. I phoned AHS and told them the findings, and also phoned Drainco to see when they could bring a new water heater. The young lady at Drainco attempted to up sale me saying I needed a new vent amongst other things that I would have to pay for before they put the water heater in. I informed her that everything around the water heater was just fine and didn't need any extras. I phoned AHS and complained about Drainco was attempting to take advantage of me by up selling me on unnecessary work. Shortly after that AHS denied the claim saying they were told by Drainco it was a preexisting condition. I explained to AHS that the leakage had just started and that was the reason for the pilot light to go out on the water heater. They arranged for another plumber to come out . When the second plumber came out he looked at the location where the water heater was ( I had the restoration company begin the work of drying out and removing the damaged wood) and stated he was only a plumber and didn't why they called him out to look for possible mold. At no time did he ask to see the water heater that had been placed in the backyard by the restoration crew. I phoned AHS a few days later to find out what was going on with the claim and they said the second plumber needed the water heater hooked up to verify that it was leaking. I explained to the AHS representative that if I did that it would cause further water damage(PRC had already used machines to dry the floor). She stated that she would pass the information on the another section of AHS. On November 16, 2015 I got a letter from AHS again saying they are denying the claim.

On October 5, 2015 I had a similar incident at my residence (714 Grape Circle Compton, Ca. 90220). I filed a claim for the leaking water heater. A plumber from Drainco came to my residence. I did not hear anything else from Drainco or AHS regarding a replacement water heater. I got an e mail from AHS asking if I wanted to keep the claim open. I phoned and informed AHS to keep the claim open because I will need the new water heater once the construction is done. About a month later (after the incident at my mother's residence) I got an e mail from AHS saying my claim at my residence was also being denied. The same day I got the e mail I received a post card from AHS saying they would close my case unless I phoned them to keep it open. I have asked several plumbers if they could in fact examine a water heater and determine how long it had been leaking. The answer each time was no. One plumber actually stated that the condensation formed by the water heater may cause rust but the rust is not a true indicator of leakage. I believe both of these claims are wrongfully denied and that AHS makes it a common practice to deny claims, and that more than likely they compensate Drainco to make inaccurate findings.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Water Heater Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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