American Home shield have worked on an old unit I have multiple times and fixed it with me paying for Freon ect.. and the $100 service fee in November of 2018 the condensing unit began to freeze over with ice, so I called..

the came out and said low on Freon, so I paid $400 for Freon.. two weeks later it's froze again, so they said it need a defrost control board, and replaced that item that was covered, a week later, it was froze again.. Now they're saying it physically damaged and they're not going to fix it... So they spen money on it, and had me spend money on it, but when it could not be fixed, they said it's physically damaged, I've done nothing to the unit and nothing's changed sense they were making repairs.

Now, I've talked to multiple supervisors, they all agree this is not right, but My air heat pump is still broken..Now they're telling me I'll get a call back 3 times I've been told a supervisor will call me.

No one ever does. so now I'm being lied to.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Heat Pump Repair.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

American Home Shield Pros: Friendly people to talk to.

American Home Shield Cons: Fact that they wont honor the warranty, Being told a super will call you and doesnt multiple times.

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To Everyone, Sadden to read negative results... Always!

always! READ the REVIEWS FIRST before deciding to Order/spend your hard earned money... With EVERY Product I check their REVIEWS first! If Reviews are GOOD with 5 stars I then consider purchase..

Losing money and disappointment is Not what Everyone wants... So People DO your homework FIRST! Check their Reviews on internet before BUYING...

May YOU all LEARN from your losses.. May You ALL have better days...


They are out to get your money and don’t want to pay your claim!!!! They say a new gas furnace should only cost $400.00 what a joke I had to pay 3000.00 don’t use them!!!!!!!


A furnace can be bought at the supply house for $400, but have you any idea how to install it? It doesn’t simply slide right in or plug in.

It is attached to the rest of the system and the ductwork, in what is usually the most difficult area to work in the home. To install a new furnace, the existing evaporator coil has to be uninstalled and reinstalled, and everything has to be retro-fitted to ductwork.

Replacing the furnace alone creates a hodge podge out of your HVAC system, but that is your problem, and this situation will be repeated when the other components fail. Alas, not to worry though, because you have a home warranty!


Similar issue here.


Take them to court and sue them for $5000.00 dollars you will win. It will never go to court.


Unfortunately read your contact, you have agreed to arbitration.


Your better off getting a credit card from home depot and make payments for a new A/C unit. I did and paid $85 a month for a new heat pump.

It's still running fine after 4 years and all paid off.. The guy down the street from me has been paying $125 a month for home shield for 5 years..

He had his A/C die on him and all they would give him was $800 on a $2,100 fix.. Unreal I thought about going with Home Shield I am glad I passed..


Many home warranty customers have bad credit, and a large percentage of them are misled to believe they are going to get all their appliances replaced by the home warranty. They will even place a service request for multiple appliances on one ticket, hoping they can get several items replaced for one service fee.

Little do they know the hassle involved with home warranty repairs.

Home warranties are not good investments, their service providers are not like regular Service companies, and the customers they have are not normal customers. It’s just a faulty scenario all the way around.


Not surprising from this company! They are scam artists and do not care about customer service whatsoever. I am surprised you didn’t stay on hold for an hour before they took your call.


Anyone who places their necessities and trust in a "warranty" company gets what they deserve. You're far better off to save your money and handle your own repairs, with reliable assistance of your choice.

Or, replacement when required. Think insurance company - "delay and deny" ...

not factory or manufscturer's warranty. At best, they'll put you back where you were yesterday - and old unit which "works" (maybe).


The AHS contractor tried to do you a favor by getting it running—however the person they sent out was probably not the owner of the HVAC company. Whenever they forget the fundamental basics of working with AHS and the importance of DENIAL FIRST!

it comes back around to bite everyone. No good deed goes unpunished. They should have had your claim denied initially based upon the physical damage. It does not matter that you didn’t damage it, or when it occurred, or how it happened.

A meteor could have hit it this morning or Bigfoot could have sat on it 10 years ago—it doesn’t matter. The system was probably leaking freon, and they thought (and hoped) that recharging with more freon would keep it going a while longer. Since the customer has to pay for the freon, it was a gamble the tech (and you) thought was worth taking. The physical damage wasn’t given much thought until the system was deemed unfixable.

Then the contractor had to go there, lest he pay for the new system and the replacement himself. AHS only allows the HVAC company $200 per claim ($100 of which the customer paid). If the tech decides you need a new system and doesn’t get it denied, the tech’s company will have to pay for it. If the HVAC company continually charges AHS more than $200–then it will be adios amigos.

They will be replaced by a competitor as the preferred vendor, for not controlling AHS’ costs better. Do you get it?

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