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The brief story. Called for a repair as our refrigerator stopped working.

Three days later the contractor arrived, spent a few moments and indicated the 'timer' in the freezer was out and that was the reason for the failure. He 'called in' a request for the part and informed us that the part may take 7-10 days. One week later, AHS called and said claim was denied as the 'coils' were dusty and that was the reason for the failure. A part was never ordered as they had no intention to pay the claim.

Well there went $60.00 down the drain. It turns out that the 'failure' had nothing to do with the coils but rather the 'heater coil' in the freezer that had failed. This part regulates the auto-defrost and the unit froze up and shut down. AHS claimed that the contractor provided the 'dusty coils' scenario and there fore no claim would be paid.

The contractor never looked under the refrigerator. He knew exactly what the problem was, thus his ten to fifteen minute visit.

We have cancelled the AHS billing that is processed through our Chase mortgage.

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I had similar experience with American Home Shield with reference to my refrigerator repair. Repair person came after 4 days of filing the service request.

He said back of refrigerator was dirty and it caused the compressor to go bad. AHS said since it was dirty on the back and it was not maintained properly, so they are not going to cover for the repair.

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