Blythe, California

Have been chasing $25. for myself, a new sign up, and my neighbor, the party who referred us to Am.Home Shield.

When I signed up, I called Sales after seeing info on the Referal Program. I was asked for my email info, and my neighbor's email info. Neighbor said he took the service over from previous owner when he bought the house long ago and didn't think he used an email address. The AHS young man confirmed after looking at neighbors contract info.

He said he would put thru the info and 30 days from our active date of Oct. 22 our Gift Cards would be sent out to each of us. I called the first part of Dec. And was told 60 days....that's untrue becuz I just checked AHS website and its 30 days.

I called Sales Dept this evening asking why I was given incorrect info and where are our Gift Cards? I was told becuz the referral was not requested thru the email template, we can't have it??? No where on AHS website can I locate that regulation! She verified, supposedly, with a Supervisor.

If this is how AHS does business, then I think we've all made a mistake! The fact that every single person I have talked to has been misinformed and hasn't a clue about the referral program is worrisome to say the least. If AHS wishes to contact me, please do so. Address: 186 Eunice Cir., 92225.

We are going to re-evaluate our relationship with AHS. Prior to this we have been very happy and my neighbor who referred us has also been happy with AHS.

That's why he referred us. I hope AHS does the right would be ashame to lose two good accounts and have the reason why all over the internet......especially becuz it's probably due to untrained employees manning the phones!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

American Home Shield Cons: No real commitment to customer.

  • Referral Gift Card Program Scam
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I am having the same issue. Very disappointed with them.


Have been trying to collect my $25 gift card for referring a friend to AHS. So far a totol run-around.

I was referred to a third party site to activate the promotion, but was unable to submit an application.

Seems like a total scam. Disappointing.

@Jim Uffelman

i'm in the same boat as all of you. i've made 8 phone calls and have spent nearly 6 hours, combined, on those calls.

it's been 3 months since my friend signed up and neither of us has received an amazon gift card. i think it is a scam.


I apparently just got screwed yesterday, my sister referred me , I signed up and now I can find no mention of the gift cards.


Same thing with my mother and I!!!!


my daughter and i also have been chasing our cards. she has actually used AHS for service and shes happy with it.

we havent had to yet but we have only had it for 4 months. but if they arent going to send the gift cards, why even mention them?

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