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This will most likely go no further than being read, but as frustrated as I am with this company and not being able to get any answers, I wanted to at least try. I have had a contract with AHS since 2016 and this is the second time I have used it.

I filed a claim for my a/c on 9/17/20. Emerald Coast Heating an Air came on 9/18 and determined that the compressor had gone out. It took until 10/5 to get the compressor installed. Once it was installed a leak in the coil was found.

That same day that part was reported back to AHS. When I tried to find out when the part would be here for installation, I was told possibly 5 to 7 days but could not tell me for sure. For 2 weeks I was on hold from 40 minutes to 2 hours and no information.

I was told today that I could not be transferred to the US. This is the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with.

User's recommendation: Abolutely NOT, Find another company!!!!!!!

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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The compressor likely died Because of excessive wear and tear from operation while being low on freon from the leaking coils. It was a bad repair decision to replace the compressor and not replace the entire system.

It was the least expensive patch job the warranty (and you) could come up with, and you will be the one to suffer the consequences.

Hope you like the HVAC service provider, because you will be seeing plenty of them in the future! You’ll be on a first name basis with their technicians

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