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AHS approved me for a new water heater. Quality plumbing scheduled a 6/10/15 appt.

between 1-4pm. No show. Called at 4:57 to inform us that AHS sent the wrong unit (electric) instead of gas. Rescheduled for 6/12/15 appt.

between 1-4. No show. Called at 5:12 to inform us that the SAME exact mistake was made by AHS and that a rescheduled appt. was required.

The owner (Brian) responded to our complaint of two full afternoons taking off work that "at least it was only 1/2 day due to the 1-4 appt. time". I assured him that both of our employers require us to take full days off. Mr.

Brian could care less... After another 10 minutes of arguing, Brian, owner of Quality plumbing set another appt. for Monday June, 15, 9-12 pm. ANOTHER DAY OFF!!!

(#3). It is now 2:37pm. NO SHOW!! NO CALL!!

I contacted AHS to request another contractor. AHS policy does not allow that... Way to go Brian!!!, owner of the year!! AHS has no recourse with their contractors.

That's how a *** like Brian gets away with it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

American Home Shield Cons: No integrity.

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So far. THE WORST.

I am VERY unhappy with my warranty company for using nonlocal services. I was quoted a time between 12-5 Friday. No show. I call office- they are closed.

AT 8:00 PM, a plumber shows up. Very inappropriate with his comments and innuendos. He was very aggressive toward our dog. Dogs can certainly read people.

He promptly unscrews the faucet in the tub and lets me know he will have to order parts. Asks if he could come back on Sunday. I asked for a card and he looks me up and down and laughs. I don't even know the guys name or number.

Sunday comes and goes and once again. No show. I call Monday morning - Brooke was very nice but she put in touch with "supervisor" Jeff. He was very condescending.

He spoke over me and let me know that since it was a "1970s" shower, parts had to be specially ordered. Asked me when the tech could come back. I told him I don't want that particular tech to come back and he basically told me too bad. So " when do you want us to fix the problem"?

Well today is Monday, I have had a steady stream of water since your tech left and Monday would be great." Jeff- Sorry, cant do today - it is impossible. " ok - " when is it convenient for you JEFF?" ............ Now he has to check with the technician and make sure he has all of the parts and will have to get back with me. Calls me back this afternoon and tells me THURSDAY is the soonest.

ALMOST ONE WEEK LATER. ONE WEEK OF STEADY STREAMING WATER THAT THE TECHNICIAN CAUSED. I have asked a friend to be home with me who has a concealed permit - THIS IS HOW UNEASY I am with this tech. AGAIN, they don't provide a name, number and since he is not local, he can do what ever and just hightail out of the area.

I am FURIOUS. We had positive experiences with HVAC techs- this company is poorly run, very unprofessional and definitely hire incompetent and questionable plumbers.


Quality Plumbing Solutions of Tampa deserves the F rating with the BBB. Tried to expedite a water heater replacement Thursday morning after calling on Tues.

Was told the person who orders water heaters was out of the office so I had to wait until Monday to have it replaced. I questioned a plumbing Co with only one person capable of ordering a std 40gal electric water heater and was hung up on.

had to escalate thru AHS to have it ordered... Avoid if you can.


Don't waste your time with this company! Their like a scam!

Comes for the service fee but don't want to fix. Brian the owner does not care. They were so fast about coming out and taking your service fee but don't want to get the job done. I waited 3 long week for them to tell me lies and put me on hold.

They made me think they were the only company I can go with. Finally, I called the home insurance company and they gave me another option. I had to contact another company to fix it. Never return my calls, keep setting an appointment and no one shows up.

Made me pay before fixing it (the amount was over my limit). Said it would cost about $1400 got it fix for a few hundred.

Worst customer service ever!! Brian, Steve and Brooke


I can see where you are coming from regarding this company. I wish I had seen this review before I let them come out.

First American Warranty Coompany also uses this sorry company. I can't get anyone on the phone to get a written estimate so i can pass it on to my insurance company. They have not started the work. If I have no written estimate I am not letting them do the work.

We will see what happens, my fingers are crossed. I just want this over with.


Quality plumming solutions are so unprofessional. No call no show on numerous occasions.

I needed a water heater. I had my insurance company provide me the check for the new water heater and labor and I hired another company.

I am not sure how they stay in business.

Do not do business with the company so unprofessional and rude.



Do NOT allow Quality Plumbing Solutions, LLC (owner Brian Ross) or any other business he is involved with, in your home. It's neither financially, nor emotionally, worth it.


I could run a marathon with no legs only crawling quicker than getting service from this plumbing company. AHS needs to drop them ASAP because they are making me want to cancel my contract and get my last 3 months payments back!


Terrible company THEY Make me wait 2 Weeks without water heater then they gave me a app and nobody show up.they do not take care about customers .they do not know their job.they give appointments and then they said not scheduled.omg has been a nightmare deal with them .i do not recommended


Just had a similar experience with AHS and QPS. It took 10 days to finally get a new water heater after battling with both companies -- with hour-long phone waits each time, or no answers at all.

Then they brought the wrong size WH, messed up the scheduling for the next day, and sent a novice plumber to do the job by himself.

Of course he installed it incorrectly so now we have to have it re-done, hopefully by a professional this time. What a nightmare!


Going through the same thing with a water leak. Two appointments set with this company - no shows both times.

Once a call at 6:00pm at night saying I needed to reschedule. Rescheduled and again a no show with no phone call. I have no water due to the leak, so I have a severe problem.

Been on hold with AHS for 2 hours now trying to reach a supervisor. Not sure this warranty service is worth it after taking two days off work and spending my Sunday on hold.


I had the exact same problem except it was eke and wrong size. Got stood up on spots twice. still have no water heater!does anyone have the owners phone number?




His customer service is poor at best. I cancelled a check I wrote to the company due to no proof of him being at my home.

No invoice, also no response to 3 messages I left at his business. I just got off the phone with him and he informed me he is going to "put me through the wringer". I agree, "Owner of the year".

It's a shame this is the customer service we are receiving.


The owner Brian said the plumber would be here last week to fix a broken faucet. We prepaid for the work by CC.

He never showed and when we called he said the plumber never showed up for work. Then this Brain said the plumber would come the next day and he didn't. We called and this Brian said he couldn't reach the plumber. We rescheduled for Tuesday of this week between 9-11.

Guess what no show or call. I was out of work 3 days waiting. A total waist of my time.

We called this Brian and his attitude told me he didn't care. I ask for my money back.


Quality Plumbing does not answer the telephone, how do they stay in business. I have been trying to get in touch with them and always going to answering machine.

Leave a message and no return phone call. Brian should be embarrassed to be the owner of this company with the way business is being conducted. American Home Shield needs to find another vendor to handle business because apparently Quality Plumbing cannot.

Heck they can't even answer the phone and return calls for people that is trying to give them business. Absolutely HORRIBLE.

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