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Just had a really bad experience with Quality Plumbing and American Home Shield, a horrific combination. I am canceling AHS as soon as I can so I can call a decent company when there is a problem.

I had heard that the contractors they use are sub-par and now I believe it. Had a leaking pipe, plumber came and said it was not a leaking pipe and we had to go the expense of elimination the a/c unit and then a roof leak before the conclusion was reached that is was a leaking pipe. Plumber came a second time and refused to fix it because he said he could not access it.

We called a real plumber who came the next day and fixed it without any problem.

Now I am battling over not paying $100 service charge when the plumber caused us to go to additional expense unnecessarily by saying it was not a leaking pipe. The owner Brian, who probably sits in his office fielding complaints all day long, has refused to waive the charge so now I'm getting the runaround from AHS.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Do not charge $100 for a service call for a plumber who misdiagnosed the problem. As a result, we had to spend hundreds of dollars to eliminate other possibilities of the cause only to find it was a leaking pipe as we suspected!.

American Home Shield Pros: Cancelling contract, Never having to drain my phone battery.

American Home Shield Cons: Hold times are atrocious, Supervisors no help, Subpar contractors, Wait time for service even with a leaking pipe.

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Had horrible messy non fix myself. Called a real plumber direct.

they came in 20 minuets and charged me the same as my deductible. Even offered to clean the home since the "quality" guy left raw sewage all over the kitchen.


Sounds like the Plummer they sent me from the same company. Lazy I had to hire a different plumber just put the stuff back because he was too lazy to come back and do it

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