Houston, Texas

Spent $ 180.00 for Preventive Service for A/C and heating with no proper service its a Ripoff. Employee from so called big company was sent and he does not know what he has to do, he checked A/C as it was summer and said will come to see heater when its gets cold, in winter he called to say will check and charge you $ 49.95 it is Rip off you think they are providing good service, when you called them they did not took care of it properly, they try to send the same person who does not know what he is doing.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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AHS Contract Disclaimer: "Service requests are subject to a fee for each trade call. Some exclusions and limitations apply."


I had AHS for 6 yrs. I did not take the preventative maintenance plan offered.

Ihad had AHS for 6 yrs. Ihad 2 service calls in the year. They canceled my service contract. Stating it was because of costly repairs and too many repairs.

I feel it was because, we did not buy into another RIP off plan. Service calls is that not part of the agreement.

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