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Don't be fooled, AHS is merely a facilitator, albeit a poor facilitator of mediocre repair service.

My AC repair (in 100 degree heat) was delayed 48 hours because the contractor couldn't reach AHS for approval.

I called on his behalf pleading for approval. The first two CSR's had no ability to speak to the approval department. Only the third level managed to pry approval from this mysterious department.

The CSR will quote wait times that are at least 50% less than the actual. It's hard for to blame a small business owner for not being able to sit on hold for an hour.

AHS will not or can not exert any pressure on the contractor.

After reading the other reviews - my renewal decision is clear ... NO!

I can get treated poorly for less than $500 per year.

BTW - CEO David Crawford 901-597-8000 x8071

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We have to wait one week in 100 degrees weather for our air-conditioning to be replaced. ONE WEEK!

Why not obtain contractors who have the manpower to do work in a timely fashion? A lot of people out of work. AHS should deal with contractors that have enough people so customers can be serviced quickly? If I had the cash and went to another contractor (beside AHS contractors), I bet they could do it in 24-48 hrs.

max. They need the money in this economy. And they hire enough people to get the job done efficiently and timely! I am very disappointed with AHS contractors as it relates to prompt service.

People living in 100 degree weather need their air conditioning unit!

Get NEW Contractors AHS! Contractors large enough to get the job done in a timely fashion!

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