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I called AHS for service request and waited over an hour and a half to get someone. Than I get someone in the Philipines who doesn't know what they're doing and cannot speak English...

Than someone finally comes out and they say they don't do Samsung Mini-splits so I call back and get the Phillipines again and waited over an hour just to talk to someone. Than I had to get a supervisor (cannot understand their English). On the phone for over 1 1/2 hours. then tells me they will have to call back...

If you (AHS) want to keep people you need to have qualified English speaking people or a number to reach in the United States!!!

I always got the United States before and had no problem at all...

What the heck are you people doing... You are going to loose a lot of customers if you don't straighten this out!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The HVAC contractors working for AHS don’t want to work on mini-splits, because they are essentially non-repairable. The first contractor got to collect the service fee just for coming out and saying, “oh, we don’t work on that equipment.” It lowered their cost per call average, which is what AHS holds them accountable for.

It’s all a numbers game, used to decide which vendors will get future call volume.

Whoever gets assigned to replace the mini-split will not get any more calls from AHS unless they provide this as a free service and give free equipment. The contractor they send next will look hard to find a reason to deny your claim, since mini-splits are expensive, yet disposable junk.


They aren’t going to loose any customers. There will always be more. Nobody wants to pay for repairs or replacements any more than you do.

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