Beaumont, Texas

Last week I called American Home Shield because of a plumbing stoppage. A plumber was sent out and his diagnosis stated that there was a rubber piece in the main drain overflow pipe. The plumber could not remove the rubber piece and temporarily fixed the situation by propping the rubber piece with a skinny pipe and leaving the overflow pipe open.

This obviously did not fix the problem permanently. Then I was told by a followup phone call from AHS that AHS could not assist me any further until I removed the "foreign object" from the drain. However, the object in the drain is not a foreign object; it is part of the drain. It is the lid to the pipe that it fell into. On a Saturday my plumbing backed up again. I called AHS and was told that I had to talk to the Authorizations department which was only open Mon-Fri to argue the denial of service. Obviously, I cannot wait until Monday to argue the definition of "foreign object." Technically, anything within the pipe could be a foreign object including my own ***. I've called a plumber from the phone book to get it fixed.

It's a good thing that AHS was free and included in my mortgage for the first year; I only got duped out of a $60 service fee for the initial plumber. To fix the problem permanently, I was only charged $164 total. Even if AHS hadn't tried to weasel their way out of covering my problem, they would have only saved me $104.

I'll have my brother (an attorney) threaten to sue on Monday for reimbursement from AHS. I'm in the military, working 65 hours a week and I don't have time to deal with *** like this.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $416.

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American Homeshield sent a plumber out several times to fix a leak on my hot water pipe under the house. The plumber used “duck tape” to repair the pipe.

Needless to say, the duck tape didn’t fix the leak. However, Mostly all of our walls cracked and our floors buckled causing costly damages to our home. Our children were sick from mold and my family had to go without hot water in very cold weather. We are suing American Homeshield and the plumber for the damages to our home, health, and living conditions.

While American Homeshield tries their best to get out of being responsible for the damages, they also sent us a letter saying that they are not renewing our contract. Oouuuch! Talk about insult to injury. If you are or used to be a customer or contractor I will be very grateful if I can get a statement from you sent to my email

Or call me (251)232-5106. I am especially interested in hearing from any contactors and former American Homeshield employees that can vouch for American Homeshield’s encouragement to make cheap repairs that only puts a temporary band-aid on the problem and their deceptiveness with denying claims that should be covered. Customers that share horror stories like mine and ended up with damage to their homes, I’d love to hear from you as well.

I am not looking for anyone to testify in court, only a true statement. I will also be willing to give my statement to anyone who needs it.

@Brandie Sashington

That is for sure. We worked for this company and paying out for a claim is not what they want to do.

They want u to do as least as possible and only collect the service fee. Good luck on your claim and damages

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