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Every time I need to reach them I wait more than 45 mins to an hour. I never had an issues before but this last time I called for a leak in my tub and a stoppage issue.

They sent a plumber. Both issues were plumbing. I paid 75.00 for the fee they charge. They upstopped my stoppage and didn’t fix the leak because the fixtures are old in my tub wall and the company said they need to go into the wall to make sure it’s not coming from inside.

Plus my other bathroom is right behind this one. So AHS will not pay to repair. I had to call them back to tell them that my toilet was making a hissing sound like water is running and they said I had to pay another fee of 75.00 but the issue was already present when the plumber came and I mentioned it and it was not taken care of.

I look in my account with AHS and it shows I paid my 75 dollars but they still show I’m pending payment for what I already paid for and for the hissing sound that the plumber didn’t repair because before he did anything I called AHS and those them I didn’t want to pay another fee. I had been told by customer service I would not have too!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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The way it works is that the plumber only gets paid $125 per housecall. You can’t have all your plumbing issues resolved for one service fee!

AHS will “cover” it, but what that means is that AHS expects the plumber to “cover it”. The plumber can’t rempdel your house for $125 on one ticket. He can’t charge AHS for all the work unless he doesn’t want to work for a AHS anymore.

His boss at AHS (the rep in the contractor relations department) sends the plumber a monthly report showing his average cost per call, and it’s very simple: if the average cost per call goes over $125 per service call fee collected: he’s fired. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


You would likely do better financially and aggravation-wise by cancelling with AHS and saving the monthly fee. Put what you are paying them in the bank and save it for when you have to call a real plumber in your area for service.

You would, no doubt get much better service from a local plumber. Ask around for a good one or two that people have used. As for the "hissing" sound in the toilet, it sounds like you need to replace either just the flapper or the insides if it is an old toilet that's not been looked at for some time. This is not expensive if you buy the parts yourself and is easy to do yourself or have someone you know is handy do it for you.

That would save the service call for a plumber.

For the leak in your bathtub, your description is rather vague as to what, where, how it is leaking but you might want to call a real plumber on that. You are paying AHS good money every month for what kind of service?

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