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I just got an e-mail from American Home Shield's service agent has been trying to call me to service my home and to contact them at a number on a link provided. We don't even have an American Home Service home warranty.

Is this a phishing scam? Do not give out your personal information to them. Is this a possible way for them to pick up more customers?

I am unsure of what is going on, but, it looks like others have received the same e-mail. (I don't have any other complaint to make this arrive to 100 words, so, I'll just keep typing because I have to.) (I have more than 100 words but, they say I only have 85, so, I'll keep on typing and typing and typing!)

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

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Yes - it is a scam - probably get 20-30 phishing emails about their service/year. Wouldn't use anyone who does business that way. Some of them get caught in the spam filter and others get through.


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Typ Here is the page with the contact info for American Home Shield.

All the Corporate creeps! Contact CEO is Rex Tibbens, , lets spam them to death!


Just got the same email, but it seems that it may be due to some sort of email list mixup with another such home warranty company we use, HSA Home Warranty, which is a subsidiary of ServiceMaster as AHS is. Sloppy account and email management between subsidiaries of ServiceMaster?


received same email ... I DO have AHS (satisfied customer) but did NOT call for any service so I consider this phishing


My husband got one too. I worked for AHS in college. We never emailed homeowners about service.


I just got the same email. Similarly, I do not have a contract with American Home Shield. It's either phishing, or they're having an issue with their email system.

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