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My husband (Howard) and I have been loyal American Home Shield customers for over 30 years. We have made less than 5 claims in those years.

We have been at our current home for over 6 years and have paid American Home Shield over $2500. I noticed that our gas hot water heater was leaking on Saturday, Aug 13. I wrapped a towel around the base and told Howard. We weren't worried about internal home damage as the gas hot water heater is located in the garage.

Howard called American Home Shield that very day to report the issue. In turn, CNJ Services LLC (plumbers) called us that same day and said they could come out on Monday, Aug 15 but I worked out of town this week and my husband had a business appointment so they came out on Tuesday, Aug 16. Howard was told that we needed a new gas hot water heater and our service fee was $100. The gentleman was at our home less than 10 minutes.

American Home Shield called Howard on Wednesday, Aug 17 and said that our portion would be over $620. We were not told what brand the gas hot water heater would be but we previously had a GE 12 year 50 gallon gas hot water heater. GE no long makes gas hot water heaters and we were told it would be replaced with "like or similar". American Home Shield told us that the $620 fee was to bring the gas hot water heater "up to code".

We were given a list of installation hardware by CNJ Services that they would need to bring it "up to code" and they were charging us over $620. In actuality, the cost for those items, RETAIL, is less than $100 uninstalled. We feel we are being taken advantage of and a horrible "bait and switch" is being done by American Home Shield and CNJ Services LLC. So............we chose a "cash out" option so we can select our own reputable plumbers.

American Home Shield said they would only reimburse us for what they would pay CNJ Services for the gas hot water heater.......and we all know is will be at a GREATLY reduced price!! Further, NO ONE knows what the amount of reimbursement to us will be except for the Claims Dept and they do not accept phone calls. They only work from e-mails and will "get back to you" within 3 - 5 business days. We do not want to make a decision until we know what we will be reimbursed as I just don't want to have to pay more that $620 for a gas hot water heater WHEN I HAVE BEEN PAYING INSURANCE!!!!

Just spoke to the Supervisor, Ryland, at American Home Shield. He said he doesn't know what the reimbursement would be. He said the Claims Dept doesn't work on the weekends. He said he can't tell me when they will return our phone call.

He said he can't help me. Today is the 6th day my family hasn't had hot water. IF American Home Shield calls us bask on Monday, Aug 22, it will be 9 days my family has been without hot water. IF American Home Shield calls back on Monday and we come to some sort of agreement, the soonest my family will have hot water will be Wednesday, Aug 24.

My family will have been without hot water for 11 days............no hot showers, no hot laundry, no hot dish water. Yet, we have paid over $2500 in the last 6 years for "insurance" so this wouldn't happen. Sure doesn't seem like we are getting much of a return for our investment. Ouch, American Home Shield...............I wonder what they would do if this was their family?

Would I recommend American Home Shield?

Years ago, yes. Now, absolutely not!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Home Warranty.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

American Home Shield Cons: Not caring about losing a customer.

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