I dont enjoy having to write this.. I'm disappointed with AHS.

We called about our WH. You charged the ~$80.00. You sent a company, he stood 6 feet away and said "it has to be replaced." Then checked water pressure. Said "it was too high." AHS said it would not be covered.

My wife's father died that evening. While taking care of his passing, making arrangements, etc, it was more than 7 days before we could contact AHS to challenge your decision. So, apparently the only solution was to start a new claim. (Another $80.00) The new plumbing company comes and takes care of the situation.

Does a great job. Then charges me the "plumbing" cost. I understand me paying for the expansion tank. But water heater and drain pan should have been included with AHS.

Plumber charged me $235.00. AHS should reimburse me $235 minus cost of expansion tank. Either you or the plumber are not upfront and honest.

I would greatly appreciate a reply. Thanks, Jimmy

Location: Hickory, North Carolina

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